Site Update: New Page; Development Roadmap

I created a new page, called Development, and you can reach it via the page menu above.

I decided to centralize the information about what is done in the current version and/or iteration, what is in developement and what is planned and pending. It isn't a far future roadmap since I prefer to inform you about real development instead of some fantasy that perhaps will never been done on time.

Of course I will update it over the time.

That's all, stay tuned under the Sun! And thank you for your interest :)

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Updates on the Ongoing CPS Overhaul

I continuing to update the CPS, including a complete overhaul of the data structure of the non-player factions, the implementation of the expeditions and backstories, and the overhaul of the CPS itself including the objectives.

It is useless to say that all parts (and there are many) of the code concerned by these updates are a real mess, at least for now.
But the transition is ongoing, I already cleaned up the previous and deprecated colonization modes and the hardcoded CPS objectives.

I implemented the new data structures for the CPS objectives database and the in-game objectives.
Part of the CPS objectives is now contained into a new XML file and processed like any other asset of the game, like the infrastructures. It contains 3 basic data for any objective and the complete list SPM weight that can influence each objective.

As a reminder, each policy and meme of the SPM can affect a CPS objective on how it will be set and chosen during the dynamic setting of the player's objectives.
I put these data in a XML file, because it will be more convenient to update the amount of data through it than directly in the code.
This database is always loaded by default into FARC, regardless if the player set a new game or load an existing one.

The part of each objective that will be coded will be all the calulations and tests that will occur when the score of an objective will be updated. It's too complicated and not efficient to put that into a XML file.

So that's it. Since the CPS, like for many system in the game, affect other parts of the game, the whole need to be updated each time that I remove an old data or add a new one, it is a painful but necessary process in this case. You can see that as bad design but, it is often difficult to keep a long view of parts of the code, and how you will use it, on a time span of many years.

At least these ideas that I implementing are final (really! :) )

I will not make any post until this mess become a finally finished unicorn and is running. It will take again some time but I will keep you in touch for sure!
As usual I underestimated the amount of work that will be necessary, especially in the dependencies of the CPS code.

Enough ranting, have a great day and thanks for your interest!

CPS: Colonization Phase System    SPM: Socio-Political Matrix

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Implementation Done; Multiracial / Multiethnic Framework

FARC is now supporting officially a multiracial population, at least in its data structures. That will pave the way for the alpha 11. I finished the last lines of code during my lunch break (I always stating it, in case a co-worker read this post...).
So tonight I will start to implement the unique type of expedition for the Magellan Unity (see a previous post here), and two of its backstories. That include of course the many update necessary in the user's interface to setup a new game and also the updates of the non-player factions' data structures and how they are initialized.

Once it is done, I will be finally able to complete the implementation of the CPS objectives and all the changes necessary in this system.

The last part of the development of this iteration will be about the end of the colonization phase that needs a big stack of work and fleshing-up.

That's all, stay tuned.

CPS: Colonization Phase System

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Multiracial / Multiethnic Framework Implementation

I overhauling and updating many parts of the code to implement these expeditions and backstories, because it has changed a lot since the old Colonization Modes and the resulting code will be final, out of future expansion.

In this optic, I reworking completely the data structure of the non-player factions and how the data of expeditions and backstories will be managed, and that include the setting up of the populations.
Since the populations in FARC will be multiracial and multiethnic in the future (until now only the humans are present), I decided to implement already the data structure of this future expansion.
So in clear, the population's data structure will support already multiples races and ethnicities but will be only fully managed when I will code and release the alpha 11.
So by this way this avoids to have to redo, one time again, part of the code in these data when the time will come.

That's all for now, thanks for your interest!

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Three Backstories Confirmed for the Magellan Unity

On the design side I continue to working on the expeditions' backstories, and I finally found three for the Magellan Unity faction. Two of them implementable right away, the third one requires the update on the population to integrate the multiracial and multi-ethnics inhabitants (with the Artificial Intelligences and Clones races), and is planned for the alpha 11 once the iteration 10 of the alpha 10 will be done.

Here is the complete list of expeditions and backstories for the 8 power blocs:

  • North American Coalition (NORAC)
    • Expedition - Private Venture
      • Backstory - Group of Families
      • Backstory - Private Pioneers
      • Backstory - Core of Rogue Artificial Intelligences
      • Backstory - Excentric Wealthy Individual
      • Backstory - Commercially Sponsored Colonists
    • Expedition - State Funded Colony 
      • Backstory - Scientific Outpost
      • Backstory - Military Outpost
      • Backstory - Helium-3 Conglomerate
      • Backstory - Space Energetic Complex
  • Earthling Space United Nations (ESUN)
    • Expedition - Open Colony
      • Backstory -  Children of Gaya
      • Backstory - Eve Haven
      • Backstory - Freedom Dissidents / Refugee Group
    • Expedition - INSIC Colony (INSIC = Inner Sphere Industrial Consortium)
      • Backstory - Craddle Endowement Project (CREP)
      • Backstory - Mother Earth... (MOVERA, title in WIP)
  • People's Republic of China (PRC)
    • Expedition - Industrial Complex
      • no backstory designed yet
    • Expedition - Pioneer Settlement
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Russia Federation (RUFE)
    • Expedition - Consortium Colony
      • no backtory designed yet
  • European Union (EU)
    • Expedition - Scientific Base
      • no backstory designed yet
    • Expedition - Private / Civilian Base
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Berngham's Community (BC)
    • Expedition - New World Community
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Neo-Believers Federation (NEBEF)
    • Expedition - Pilgrim Community / Holy Settlement
      • no backstory designed yet
  • Magellan Unity (MUN)
    • Expedition - Autonomous Remote Colony
      • Backstory - Quantum Spark of the Void
      • Backstory - The Knowledge Hoppers
      • Backstory - Seeds of the Unity

Please note, that outside of those of the MUN that will be implemented in this present iteration, none is finalized by design yet, and as you can see a good number of expeditions haven't ideas of backstories yet too.
But it can give you an idea of the whole. Many of them, out of those that requires expansion of the game as the multiracial population, will be implemented during the build of the interation 10 of this current alpha. 

That's all, stay tuned.

Updates of the Knowledge Base

  • Introduction: addition of this child topic to inform about the last changes.
  • Introduction / About FARC: the correct font is used for the text. It wasn't like the rest due to a bad copy/paste.
  • Introduction / Glossary: new entries; Extrasolar System, Star System, Stellar System, Transworld Corporation.
  • Introduction / FAQ: the correct font is used for the text. It wasn't like the rest due to a bad copy/paste. Some formatting has also been applied.
  • The Background: populated section with some explanations and links to each respective subsection.
  • The Background / The Context of the Game: populated section.
  • The Background / General History: populated section.
  • The Background / Power Blocs: populated section with some explanations and links to each respective subsection.
  • The Background / Power Blocs / Magellan Unity (MUN): addition of the child topic History and its text.
Stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Colonization Phase System - Entire Reverse Engineering Done, Start of Overhaul

Sorry for the lack of news, as usual on spring and summer I tend to work "a bit less".
But my main development vector was to reverse engineering the entire CPS to finally overhaul it with the new structures and management of the CPS objectives.
During this reverse work I found useless code, some repetitions and ... errors. Yes! Surprising isn't it?

So now I'm starting to implement the new iteration of this particular system which will be a bit less of a mess of code. Not that this system was stellar by itself, especially since the few objectives already in the game were basic and hardcoded, but its implementation was convoluted or at least not clear.
I had to draw,  UML-like, the entire structure of the system and the linked calls between the routines.

Well, now it is done so it is time to develop the final version (out of any future expansion) of this system.

I will make a post when the entire overhaul will be done, including the generation of the objectives, the data structures, and the relations with the expeditions and backstories.
It will take some time so don't worry if you don't see any news before some weeks.

Thanks, have a great spring and summer and, stay tuned :)

CPS: Colonization Phase System