Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Second Backstory on Hold, Resuming of Development (New Game Setup)

I stopped the design of the second backstory, The Knowledge Pillars (title replacing the previous Knowledge Hoppers), for the reason that this one requires objectives about research & development. Since this system isn't implemented on a game level (only data structures and the tech trees until level 4 are for now) and that only a part of the tech trees are also in the game, it would not be relevant to have this one now in the game. For information the basics of the research & development system is planned to be implemented for the last iterations (#9 and #10) of the alpha 10 once the current one is released.

So I just started to finally updating the code for the setup of a new game, including the interface. It also include what's left to do for the Colonization Phase System, especially for the dynamic generation and new process of the objectives.

So in clear the release of this iteration will only have one backstory for now, but that will suffice to show the changes with the setup of a new game and the colonization objectives.

To make short, here's the updated plan until release:
1/ mass modification of the setup of a new game, including the dynamic data set for the expeditions and backstories and the determination of colonization objectives

2/ completion of the changes of the CPS including the process of the objectives over the time, the calculation of the scores and the final (game) day of the colonization phase.

3/ basic completion of the online updater with buttons and display of information about the available update.

I have 3.5 months to make it real, so let's try it!

Thanks for your interest.

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Seeds of the Unity Done

The data for the backstory Seeds of the Unity are now fully implemented since yesterday.

I will begin the second and last one, the Knowledge Hoppers, tonight after my job.

For reminder, the next step will be about to update the setup of a new game and its interface and also update and complete all the paused changes of the Colonization Phase System.

The final step will be to complete the online updater and this iteration will be done.

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Starting Equipment (Data Structures) Done

The step 2 (see here) of the short-term dev plan is done; the new data structure of the starting equipment of the backstories is now implemented.

Step 3 (the completion of the implementation of the two Magellan Unity's backstories) has also progressed a bit, and the first backstory is nearly done, I just need to finish to add the equipment.

I will add the second backstory after that and, finally, will work and update the setup of a new game, including the user's interface but also all the dynamic parts to setup the data of a chosen backstory.
Because for now, no code has been implemented to take care of these changes.

Finally my slow progression in this design approach the last step... I just try to design something final that I will not modify again in three years...which is not an easy task.

OK, enough self-flagellation (hehe), thanks for your interest.

tiny OT: PC Switch Done, Resuming of Development; Tonight and /or Tomorrow

I finally made the final switch to the new PC. A lot of cleaning and disassembling / assembling.

Anyway I just to put a final touch and it will be done, so I will resume the development tonight or tomorrow (day off here in Canada). I passed about 2.5 weeks to setup the system and softwares on the new PC when it was on its bench. It was a slow process but it allowed a painless transition.

That's all, no more OT posts and back to normal :)

tiny rant: More Free (dev) Time Ahead

Just a small post to inform you that I stopped playing a MMO recently. I was a player on it for the last 4 years and pass (too much) time on it.
I made some change into my hobbies and redirected my points of interest past weeks, and a MMO doesn't fit anymore in my free time.

Why it is relevant for this project? Because I will redirect a good part of this extra free time to dev FARC.

So yep the thing is uninstalled and anyway the new PC I built, and that I actually configuring and setup, will not have many games and will be for work/dev/3d and so on.

That's it, enough talking.

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Equipment List Revamping, Attitude and Physical Status for Space Units

Since the population setting is now finalized (but not initialized yet) in the data and code, I'm working with the last part of the backstories' data structure; the equipment list.

As a reminder, each backstory provide some background, setup kind of difficulty levels for the independence of the player's colony and faction, setup the population and finally provide a list (at least in the older versions) of equipment.
This equipment encompasses space units and products (resources, materials, equipment and so on) and so varies depending on which backstory is chosen.

I thought initially that this part will only have some refactoring and nothing else, but as usual I was far from the truth.
I had to separate the unique list into two ones; one for the starting space units, and one for the equipment. Since equipment will be dynamically set, according to the population size, I had to dissociate the equipment's location from a fixed point of view.
Anyway before that, the products were added in the game via harcording and not via XML setup.

Also I changed the old space unit's status into two ones; one for Attitude and one for Physical Status.
The attitude, encompass nearly all of the old status, outside of the damage levels, and indicate in an abstracted way the current attitude of a spacecraft, like being in low orbit for example.

Talking about orbit, I also implemented (at least in the data) the three types of orbits that will be in the game in the future; low orbit, geosynchronous orbit and gravitational limit.
I will talk more in detail about it, when I will implement their uses in the game.

The physical status is pretty obvious and indicate, on an abstracted way, the level of damage of a space unit in plain text, like Damaged or Dead Wreck. It also contains the state of the power grid.

So that's all. I'm literally at the step 2 (see here) of the short-term dev plan.
A bit of step 3 is also done since I put the data of the first backstory in the XML file, outside of the starting space units and equipment.

I continue to hope to release this iteration before the end of this year. I will be more active anyway, since the Summer goes to an end.

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned!

NB: If you wonder why all this talk and no GitHub commit (the Horror hehe) it's because I'm actually working on it tonight and will make one or two commits before the bed :)

Out Of Topic: Some Delay Because of Hardware Upgrade

Sorry for the lack of commit updates since the 13 because I'm in the process to upgrade my current computer.
I haven't replaced it yet because I do a slow process of testing / overclocking and also I need to test , setup and configure the applications (like the IDE,  3D software and so on) and the virtual machines.

Anyway that take good bits of my free time that I don't use for FARC.

But it's OK, the excitation to receiving boxes and boxes of new hardware have now deflated so I can go back to the normal routine and continue to setup the other system from time to time.

Thanks and have a good day/night.