Magellan Unity Population Details, Backstory Population Work-In-Progress

I worked on the design side to details a bit more about the society of the Magellan Unity, especially about how this faction consider the artificial intelligences and anything that touch the biotechnologies and transhumanism.
That was a necessary step to define the composition of the population of this faction and by incidence how it will define the ones of its expedition and related backstories.
This part is done and so I'm able to finally design and implement the data concerning the setup of the population for at least the first backstory (the Seeds of the Unity). the second one will follow.
The design part left to complete how the population will be set concern the categories (like the colonists, technicians and so on...) and I will finally implement the data into the XML file.

The last part of data is about the list of equipment, but the current and "old" one will not change; the data structure will not have any modification since it work OK as it is.

After that I will work on the second backstory, the Knowledge Hoppers, and it will finally done for this part.

You will see that, when this iteration will be released one day, the description of the Magellan Unity faction has undergone several changes including more information.

I haven't made any git commit since most of the work was design related.

Anyway that's all for now, thanks for your interest in this slow crawling project.

NB: edited, as usual I audit my bad English and typos after to have published the post...

A Note About The New Dynamic Population Setting for a New Game + Short Dev Plan

Before this iteration the population was hardcoded, ie I defined into the code how much Colonists and other categories of population will be present in a new game. Of course this was made for testing purposes and now all that doesn't exists anymore since the population will be set according to the data of a chosen expedition and backstory.

More, the amount of population will varies from one game to another, even if the player chose the same expedition and backtory. This variation will be ruled by a min/max range.
All these new data for the setting of a population are now fully implemented, I only need to populate the settings for the two backstories of the Magellan Unity and of course delete the part of code that hardcoded the population...

The categories of population will be set by design, ie there will not be any variations from a game to another as, for example, the proportion of Clones Workers. Only the total amount of it will varie (ie 20 Clones Worker for a Total Population of 200) in regard of the variation of the total population in the chosen expedition.
The setup of categories support of course the multiracial / multiethnics population framework.

In the end, the Line of Credit (if used), the population and the basic list of common core of technologies will be set dynamically.
In some way the equipment given to an expedition will be able to vary in volume, but not in nature, proportionally to the total population and according to a base variance.

So the short-term dev plan is:
  1. To complete the population setting step, and populate Magellan Unity (MUN) faction data
  2. To refactoring and update the equipment list.
  3. To complete the two  MUN backstories data and implement them
  4. To rework the interface to setup a new game, including all the changes in the expeditions and backstories
After that, I would be able to work again on the Colonization Phase System and complete its interface changes.

That's all again, stay tuned and continue to have a good Summer!

Small Keep Alive Post + FARC Open Source Again

I'm very sorry for the lack of news but I took some time off by early July and the last two weeks I had a health problem (vertigo / lack of balance when standing up). I couldn't do anything really worthwhile.

I recovered since so it is time to resume the development again...

I also finished my stupid behavior, which was to put FARC into closed source after a community of free/open source  gamedev (no name called so I will not say who and which community) ejected this project. It was stupid to put it closed-source because anyway FARC stay under the GPL license and free from air, so keeping the source out of people was meaningless and a waste of time.

So, the source of FAR Colony is again in:
A link has been also added on the top of the posts.

And yes tomorrow I will add a readme and some notices that FARC use proprietary third parties.

That's all, I have work to do now :)

Alpha 10 - iteration #08: Colonization Modes Begone, Last Future Iterations Update, Weather System

"I will not make any post until this mess become a finally finished unicorn and is running. It will take again some time but I will keep you in touch for sure!"
As usual I cannot keep my words... anyway to keep you updated with small posts is fine, instead to say nothing for one month.

The old and deprecated Colonization Modes are now really gone, I implemented the expeditions and backstories yesterday night.
Since, I working in the non-player factions XML database by adding the data of the unique type of Expedition, for the Magellan Unity, and its two types of backstories. The file is growing fast due to the fact that there are more data than before, a normal thing considering that the old objectives were entirely hardcoded.

For now it is impossible to setup a new game, and that as long as I haven't updated the related user's interface with theses new changes. The code stay a bit of a mess but is being cleared time after time.

Also I have an announce for the two last iterations left, I will merge the development of the iteration #9 and #10. The rationale is that the #10 is the full completion of any current part of the game, and the #9 is about the completion of the tech trees, so the goal is about the same.
And since there will be more than one online sub-release (the updater will be available for the release of the current iteration), I can update the whole with no precise order. Anything must be completed, at least at a basic stage.
So to make things simpler, the next iteration will be directly the alpha 10, and will be finally the last for this alpha 10, but not the least since it will be the biggest of the ten iterations...

I will also implement the basics of the weather & geophysics system in this iteration 10, instead to make it for a future version, the why is that is a core system, and should be implemented for the alpha 10. Most of this system is already designed on paper, and needs to be put in the main design document before implementation. Yes, the planets and asteroids will also move on their orbits... incredible isn't it? Eight years to reach such millestone.... OK hahaha

That's all for now, stay tuned.

Alpha 10 - It. #08:Side Experiment - Better and Final Encyclopedia

As a side experiment I tested a quick and dirty implementation of the web pages of the knowledge base directly in the game, and it worked pretty well.
So for the release of this iteration, the current encyclopedia interface will be replaced by the entire interface of the Knowledge Base website (you can take a look at it here), since its presentation, linking and web interface will always be better than what I will never do in the game, including research in the base, keywords and so on.
Of course it is out of question that FARC requires an internet connection to playing it fully, so the knowledge base / encylopedia will be an offline version of the online one, and the two will be updated in same time by a strict procedure, so there will be no discrepancy between the two.
All the data and texts already present in the in-game encyclopedia will be ported to the knowledge base before the release, so nothing will be lost. The data will not be dynamically displayed but updated manually like the rest of the texts, it is a small trade-off and again requires a certain discipline during the update of the data.

Also the linking between the interface and the encyclopedia will continue to work, the code will change a bit but it is just a question of page redirection in this case.

It changes nothing for the hints and their texts since it is completely separated already.

That's all. I know it is late in regard of my past due release schedule (end of June) but it will be released one day.
Stay tuned.

Site Update: New Page; Development Roadmap

I created a new page, called Development, and you can reach it via the page menu above.

I decided to centralize the information about what is done in the current version and/or iteration, what is in developement and what is planned and pending. It isn't a far future roadmap since I prefer to inform you about real development instead of some fantasy that perhaps will never been done on time.

Of course I will update it over the time.

That's all, stay tuned under the Sun! And thank you for your interest :)

Alpha 10 - It. #08: Updates on the Ongoing CPS Overhaul

I continuing to update the CPS, including a complete overhaul of the data structure of the non-player factions, the implementation of the expeditions and backstories, and the overhaul of the CPS itself including the objectives.

It is useless to say that all parts (and there are many) of the code concerned by these updates are a real mess, at least for now.
But the transition is ongoing, I already cleaned up the previous and deprecated colonization modes and the hardcoded CPS objectives.

I implemented the new data structures for the CPS objectives database and the in-game objectives.
Part of the CPS objectives is now contained into a new XML file and processed like any other asset of the game, like the infrastructures. It contains 3 basic data for any objective and the complete list SPM weight that can influence each objective.

As a reminder, each policy and meme of the SPM can affect a CPS objective on how it will be set and chosen during the dynamic setting of the player's objectives.
I put these data in a XML file, because it will be more convenient to update the amount of data through it than directly in the code.
This database is always loaded by default into FARC, regardless if the player set a new game or load an existing one.

The part of each objective that will be coded will be all the calulations and tests that will occur when the score of an objective will be updated. It's too complicated and not efficient to put that into a XML file.

So that's it. Since the CPS, like for many system in the game, affect other parts of the game, the whole need to be updated each time that I remove an old data or add a new one, it is a painful but necessary process in this case. You can see that as bad design but, it is often difficult to keep a long view of parts of the code, and how you will use it, on a time span of many years.

At least these ideas that I implementing are final (really! :) )

I will not make any post until this mess become a finally finished unicorn and is running. It will take again some time but I will keep you in touch for sure!
As usual I underestimated the amount of work that will be necessary, especially in the dependencies of the CPS code.

Enough ranting, have a great day and thanks for your interest!

CPS: Colonization Phase System    SPM: Socio-Political Matrix