Happy XMass and New Year 2012

Yup, a rare out of context post to wish you happy xmas and a good (yet future) year 2012.
Keep the peace, wherever you are and take care.

For me it will be the year of the playable alpha and of further developments after that, among other things.

0.5 Status: COMPLETE

It's 23:55 and the production segment is finally completed, so that’s mean that the 0.5 is also completed.
Here are some fun facts of about this version:

Duration: 11 months

Lines (added by the 0.5 only and without count the XML files): 9,550 (86% more lines than for the 0.4)

So... what’s up?

First, I’ll begin the 0.5.1 in which the job will consist in code audit and interface updates for the production (like the display of the colony’s storage), no additional gameplay addition in this one.
And after this one, I’ll begin the 0.6 with the completion of the colonization phase system, and that will be the start of the so called playable alpha.

I’ll don’t do any release before the 0.6, if I have request I’ll release a snapshot of the 0.5.1 but anyway for the 0.5.1 I’ll make and upload a new YouTube video to show all what is possible and allow the waiting until the 0.6.

I’m happy that’s finally finished...

0.5 Finally the Last big step

The rules about the enabling/disabling of the production modes of an infrastructure are now implemented and Resource Extraction is completed too.
So now I need to test if the code does its work and after that I’ll implement the production segment.
Finally the 0.5 arrives to its end.

0.5 (will be) Completed by the End of December

Yup it's pretty sure, the 0.5 will be completed before the end of December, and resource spot data update w/ assignment of infrastructure is completed.
Now I am completing the implementation of the production mode “Resource Extraction” calculations.
So by the way I should not be too late to release a 0.6 so playable Alpha in first quarter of 2012, as I planned it. After 2 years and 4 months it’s the time... There will be a lot of work to do yet after that but at least it will be usable.
Time, precious time...

0.5: (finally) Last Row

Sorry for the lack of update but I needed to cope with a hard drive failure.
Anyway I attack the last row of work for this 0.5, I know that since September updates were scarce but I had some (good) change in my job life.
But it's ok now and I hope finally to complete this 0.5 before the end of November...
So for now I implement the calculations for the first production mode, Resource Extraction. I also must update some code concerning the rule for assign an infrastructure to a resource spot, complete the colony's production matrix management code and FINALLY complete the production segment itself.
And that will be all for this 0.5

0.5: Mining Site and Sneak Peek on the Game Design Document

After many hours of calculation for  the Mining Site and the production mode Resource Mining I implementing them.
Here's a screenshot of a part of the game design document concerning the infrastructures, and especially the Mining Site:

I try to calculate these values based on real stuff but also on other data in the game, obviously I don't try to make it realistic but at least coherent. It's cool but requires many hours of research and calculations, for sometimes an average result...

I must also add a new product: Mining Machinery, which is used for the construction of the Mining Site.

And after that I'll complete also the implementation of the production segment, and test the system with this first production infrastructure.

Delays, delays, delays, again... and many work hours yet :)

0.5 Status

I completed all resource spots data + discovered resource spots data.
Now I working for adding the last infrastructure of this 0.5, a Mining Site, which obviously allow to be linked to a resource spot and exploit it. For now it will be only possible to extract resources and until the 0.6 I'll add some new infrastructures for extracting other kind of resource like the water (if there's any ... ).
After this Mining Site is implemented I'll complete the production segment, and FYI I updated my to-do list, and I can confirm that segment is the last game system update of the 0.5.
Finally I'll update a bit the interface and it will be done.
I also cleaned up some useless time wasting task like Facebook, less shit more dev :)

Stay tuned.

Fractal Terrains & 0.5: Resource Spots Data

Well first, i just upgraded my copy to the new Fractal Terrains version. This software is a key tool for creating orbital object's custom maps for FARC, and i'll create some for the current planetary system actually in the game for testing before to begin to generate final maps along final planetary systems data, regarding that the current one is only a crude system for testing purpose.

If you're interested of what this software can do you can take a look here for the full features list: http://www.profantasy.com/products/ft_features.asp and here for the features of it's free addon.
I made a fast & dirty test map here:

It is even possible to add clouds cover and craters, and support multicores !

Now the 0.5... The resource spot data are now implemented for all regions and there's 2 data: Quality and Rarity.

Quality indicate the quality, or resource purity, that can be found in the region. It's indicated by a letter, like a school score. The table below describe these letters:

Quality Level

Rarity indicate the rarity level of a kind of resource in a region, more it's rare, more it will be difficult to find a usable spot.

This data is indicated by a named level, each of these levels is in the following list: Rich, Abundant, Common, Present, Uncommon, Rare and Not Present.
These two data will be used during region's resource survey.

There's also 2 calculated data by resource spot discovered: 
- Mean Quality Coefficient: which is used directly for resource extraction by some production modes. It represent the part of the resource itself that can be extracted out of the waste.
- Spot Size: indicate the usable size, in infrastructure levels. It caps the sum of infrastructures which can be built to use the spot.

All this is implemented and uploaded w/ the last SVN commits of today.

Please take a note that two thing:
1/ for now, resource survey isn't implemented and will be not until the end of the so called playable alpha (0.6). I just implemented hardcoded data which is sufficient for this alpha.
2/ for now, resources depletion aren't taken in consideration, maybe it will in far future (2013, 2015, 2025 ?? ok joking..).

That's all for now, tomorrow i'll begin FINALLY the production segment and yeah... FINALLY go toward the end of these nearly 9 months of dev for this 0.5 (the time for a human baby to be "assembled").

0.5: Production - Resources and Their Locations

Well it has been a long time (since September 21) w/o any post and SVN commits, due to some overtime and free time laziness. But it's done and the project is back again.
I completed many parts of the game system concerning the transition rule and particularly the staff, it wasn't a big deal but the routines weren't completed at 100%.
Now I begin to work on the production segment itself, but just before that,  i need to implement the resource data for each region of each orbital objects included in the testing planetary system.
Resources are the basic products a colony can produce. They are directly extracted from an orbital object's environment. Most common resources are water, hydrogen and carbonaceous ore, but they have many others (15 in total for now).
Resources can have 2 kinds of origin: the Direct Resources Locations (or DRL) and the Resource Spots.
Both the resources spots and DRL appear in the resources list of the current region.
The Direct Resources Location (or DRL) are origins that doesn't requires any resource survey before to be exploited by the player/AI.
There's 5 types of DRL:
- Atmosphere: if an orbital object has an atmosphere it's possible to extract some of it's gases for storage and later use in game. Of course all depends of the atmosphere composition because only a few of these gases are usable. The list of these usable gases in the game is the following: Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Methane. Depending on the importance of these gases in the atmosphere, a production infrastructure can extract more of less of them.
 - Arable Lands: if a region has a type of terrain named Arid / Fertile / Coastal Arid / Coastal Fertile with a Liquid Water hydrosphere it has arable land for direct farming.
- Edible Fauna/Flora: if an orbital object's biosphere class is Carbon-Based the fauna is edible.
- Hydrosphere:  this DRL indicate that exist exploitable local hydro sources. Of course it depends on the orbital object's hydrosphere type, only Liquid Water, Liquid Ammonia and Liquid Methane are taken in account. A local hydro source can be a river or a lake for example.
- Oceanic: this DRL is available for any coastal region. The sea/ocean is directly exploitable and used by the Sea Pumping & Filtering production mode.

The resources spots requires that a preliminary resource survey is made, There's actually 5 types of resource spots, detailed below:

- Gas Field: is a underground gas pocket from where the gases can be pumped, exploited by Natural Gas Processing production mode. The spot indicate the proportion of each gas in the field that can be extracted, so the % for the CH4 and N2.
- Hydrosphere Well
- Icy Ore Field: like Ore Field but for Icy Ore extraction.
- Ore Field: more or less underground ore lode. The nature and volume of the ore contained in this lode is listed by product with a %. Possible products that can be in a Ore Field are the following:
- Carbonaceous Ore
- Metallic Ore
- Rare Metals Ore
- Uranium Ore
- Underground Water
These spots are listed when they're discovered and have a size data which indicate the total size in infrastructure levels. This size is used to cap the number of infrastructures assembled or built on these resources spots.

I hope the above is clear. Anyway it's that i implementing now, it should not take long since it's only data management code and an update of the region's data structure.
After that i'll implement the production segment (yup it's the fourth post that i saying that...) and will test it with resource extraction.
There will be also an interface update to show the colony's storage and production matrix.

Stay tuned.

0.5: Staff / Transition Rule Complete

I'm sorry for the lack of news/SVN update but i had some "real life" things to do.
Anyway the Staff management and transition rule is now fully implemented.
Next step is the production phase AND SO the real next post will describe how it works (i know that's the 3rd posts where i say this).
Friday i'll have a day off and will do nothing else than dev, w/ some luck i'll complete the production phase here, and so the last big step of the 0.5.

It's always amazing to see how easy a rule can be on paper or electronic game design documents, and how it's a pain to dev.

Stay tuned, and i know how patient you can be :)

0.5: The Completion Coming (At Last)

First, sorry for the lack of news/update but the overtime is re-opened at my work and well... money is priority.
But.. most of products and infrastructures are now added.
So after that i must do the last part of this 0.5: the staff management and production delay rules, and the production segment of the production phase.

They will not be any 0.5 release, excepted if requested, but i'll make a video more complete than this one including all the 0.5 features . It will be better to make a release when the 0.6 alpha will be done, since this one is considered as first barely playable one.

In the next post i'll explain how works the items production in FARC and what it concerns.
Lack of free time is really a pain... and there's people boring of their free weekend, if it's your case, please send me them :)

FARC Source Code has a New Home

As the post title says, i moved to Google Code now, the project page is here: http://code.google.com/p/farcolony/

So the open source side of this project isn't dead, Sourceforge isn't god on Earth.

0.5 Status update

I continue to designing and including the rest of products and infrastructures to put in this alpha.
Some products like Aluminium and Nuclear Pellets are added, i also need to add 4 infrastructures: Multipurpose Depot, Inflatable Habitat, Mining Pit and Pressurized Tanks Array.

I work also to complete some products already added and to finalize the technology requirements.
At the start, technology requirements were in the products data structure, but they will be removed and put in the infrastructure's technologies requirement list.
I'll talk more in detail about the infrastructure's production modes in a next post, it's part of the core of the production segment, the next step of the 0.5 dev after this one.
FYI when i'll begin the dev of the production segment, the 0.5 will be, at last, nearly complete.

Considering my "opensource problem" i'll see how works Google code, and if it's ok i'll create a SVN trunk on it.

That's all for today.

Sourceforge truly WTF (episode 2)

Since i need to calm down i prefer just to past the answer to the ticket:


The project was removed as we have been unable to reach the 'farcolony' admins in the past, and have had to handle a sizable number of Intellectual Property violations in regards to the 'farcolony' project. As a result, we are no longer willing to host the project, please seek alternate hosting.

XXX XXX, SourceForge.net Support

here's my answer:
I never been contacted by your service, and all the intellectual properties are free/free to use for non commercial projects/ free w/ credits// CCC or simply made by myself... licenses included, after 3 years i host this project you just waking up and remove me like a thief, be assured i'll make some publicity on the web about your services.

I let you, whose who are interested by my project, and the members of Freegamers to meditate on this.
By the way i really don't know where to host the future release of my thief work wannabe game.


Houston, we Have a Problem w/ Sourceforge

Well since today my SF project page + SVN is completely... removed ! with a cool "page not found", SVN is removed too, and of course the downloads and all the files. It's not even present in the search results. THANKS SO MUCH Sourceforge... ok i know that's a free service...

Anyway i sent a ticket to the admin, they didn't deleted my account too, so it's better than nothing lol.
So no more SVN update until SF fix that or explain me why the project is removed. Of course the dev itself isn't on hold, it's just that i can't upload anymore source code files for now.

Stay tuned for the next episode in the (Cyber)space.

0.5: Completion of Energy Segment + Energy Equilibrium Rule

Well, after "some" delay and some additional thousands lines of code the energy segment of the production phase is COMPLETED, it include other things like the energy equilibrium rule (automatic enabling/disabling of infrastructures to maintain the energy balance) and infrastructure enabling/disabling rules. As usual some details will needs to be added but basically it's done.
So it's time to move to the next step, to finish to add the rest of infrastructures and products needed for this future (wannabe) playable alpha.
Just for fun, and because i know that lines count doesn't obligatory show the amount of work but depends more of the style of coding, here's some stats from today:
The 0.5 itself reaches now 7194 lines of codes (without count the XML ones). It's about 1.4 time the size of the 0.4.
FARC itself reaches 42607 lines. I think there will be about 1000 lines off after some code audit/optimization/clarification.
So that's all, stay tuned :)

0.5: Status Update: Completed Features List, Missing Code and SPM Items Completion

I decided simply to post what i've already done in this version, in dev/not already implemented features aren't present in the list below. Beware it's a copy/paste from the todolist so it's not supra clean:

    (x) add Economic & Industrial Output data + game saving/loading + data initialization and update.
    (x) colonies doesn't store anymore the infrastructures directly but use the settlements.
    (x) addition of the infrastructures Conversion/Assembling/Building queue.
    (x) addition of the colony's storage and reserve matrix.
    (x) hardcoded technicians and soldiers are added for testing purposes.
    (x) implementation of assigned population data.
    (x) implementation of the construction workforce data.
    (x) implementation of the production matrix with game saving/loading and initialization at colony's foundation w/ the 3 first data, the energy production, consumption and storage.
    (x) infrastructures has now a Consumed Power data for indicate the current power consumption.

Colony Data Panel:
    (x) during the display, restore the collapsed data panel if it's needed.
    (x) the colony's data are correctly updated, if it's the concerned colony that's displayed., after the CSM phase process.
    (x) if the surface panel is opened at the end of a colonization mission, and it focus the destination orbital object, and a colony is created, the colony data panel update itself and popup for display the changes.
    (x) panel position fixed for 1024*768 resolution.
    (x) construction workforce assignation interface.
    (x) CSM - Energy module data, energy consumption-consumption and storage, are now displayed.

Colony Data Panel / CSM Events List:
    (x) the keyboard behavior for the CSM events tree is complete.
Colony Data Panel / Infrastructures:
    (x) infrastructures are now displayed as settlements in a tree list.
    (x) available infrastructures to Convert/Assemble/Build are displayed as a tree list.
    (x) Interface for build new infrastructures + assembling configuration w/ infrastructure kits.

Colony Data Panel / Population List:
    (x) the keyboard behavior for the population trees is complete.
    (x) population display is corrected and improved.
    (x) implementation of Total Workforce Capability Points assignment interface.

    (x) the colonization phase informations are now only displayed and updated ONLY when the first colony is settled.

    (x) implementation of the CMS Module - Energy (data management + CSM phase).
    (x) add a new equipment item: the products.

Game Saving/Loading:
    (x) colonies' infrastructures status are now saved in plain text than an integer index.
    (x) multiples updates concerning the settlements/infrastructures/production.

    (x) completion of functions implementation.
    (x) completion of infrastructure status + add inTransition status.
    (x) infrastructures has now a level range to be in accordance w/ the last additions.
    (x) addition of a data for determine if an infrastructure can be used only at the surface.
    (x) addition of 3 data for infrastructure's size.
    (x) addition of the basics of the requirements classed in 5 categories:
            (x) Hydrosphere
            (x) Construction Materials
            (x) Region Soil
            (x) Resource Spot
            (x) Technoscience
    (x) addition of functions specific data.
    (x) completion of the Conversion mode.
    (x) addition of the Assembling process.
    (x) addition of the Building process.
    (x) addition of a data: base power for indicate the basic power consumption.
    (x) addition of the basics of the custom effects, with the implementation of these effects:
            (x) Energy Generation.
            (x) Energy Storage.
            (x) Head-Quarter - Basic.
            (x) Head-Quarter - Primary.
            (x) Head-Quarter - Secondary.
            (x) Products Storage.
    (x) addition of infrastructures:
            (x) Colonization Shelters.
            (x) Houses Pack.
            (x) Inflatable Greenhouse.
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactors.

Mission - Colonization:
    (x) the Colonization mission interface is now expanded w/ settlement setup, if the selected region has no settlement on it.
    (x) after that the Colonization mission is processed, if a settlement is created, and the surface panel focus on the destination orbital object, the the settlment icon is displayed.

    (x) creation of the production phase framework implemented in gameflow.

    (x) addition and initialization of an productsdb.xml.
    (x) addition and initialization of an product core unit.
    (x) addition of basic product data structure + data loading.
    (x) addition of product's functions.
    (x) addition of resources:
            (x) Argon (Ar)
            (x) Carbonaceous Ore
            (x) Hydrogen (H2)
            (x) Icy Ore
            (x) Live Animals
            (x) Metallic Ore
            (x) Methane (CH4)
            (x) Nitrogen (N2)
            (x) Oxygen (O2)
            (x) Rare Metals Ore
            (x) Rock
            (x) Solid Waste
            (x) Uranium Ore
            (x) Water
    (x) addition of energy products:
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (small)
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (medium)
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (large)
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (xlarge)
    (x) addition of materials:
            (x) Carbon Composites (C)
            (x) Concrete
    (x) addition of equipments
            (x) Construction Exowalkers
            (x) Hand Tools
            (x) Hand + Power Tools
            (x) Hand + Advanced Tools
            (x) Inflatable Greenhouse

    (x) implementation of the research data unit.
    (x) addition of research sectors, research stages and research types.

    (x) addition of settlements initialization.

Surface Panel:
    (x) settlements are now displayed on the surface.
    (x) put the mouse cursor on a settlement icon, select the region.

Unified Management Interface:
    (x) levels jauges display are correctly adjusted to display the current level.

Now the rest: i've forgot the to upload code i've made at my work since friday and even the one i made today so it's not a slow down just a lack of commit. So for now i working on the completion of the XML file of the SPM items. The implementation of all the items is now done, i just need to finish to add the influence matrix data of each of them.

Big work for small results that's the way of strategy games design :)

0.5.1: Socio-Political Matrix Items (Memes/Policies) Completed

Yup the main dev (0.5) is longer than expected because there's many things to implement... but.. at my work, during my breaks, i completed one 0.5.1 feature: all the SPM memes/policies of the game... well at least the complete influence matrix between them and all the modifiers. I began to mass update the XML file which contains all the memes/policies today and it's nearly to be completed too. Of course that concern "only" the modifiers and not the requirements and custom effects yet, but my next courses session isn't started yet (it will be in 2/3 weeks) so i have time again to update that and with some luck to remove one major update of the 0.5.1, it's better than nothing.

So the updated XML will be finally integrated in the 0.5 and the SPM basic and core part will be feature complete (who said "AT LAST" ???).

For the 0.5 itself i completing the energy equilibrium rule and so after that i'll push to complete the energy segment of the production phase.

I had a hard drive update the two previous day so not much update involved.

Sometime i question myself to know if all that is worth it or even interesting for someone else, but when i see the stats and even some rare comments here, it's worth it, even if it's for 30 people on earth :)

I cannot guarantee that it will be full of fun but... well... i keep it on.

That's all for now.

Birthday ! + a Small Update Notice

Sorry for this non informative post but this iteration of FARC has 2 years from today !

Time pass so fast...

NB: i just forgot, there's also a small update notice: i nearly completed the Socio-Political Matrix memes and policies at my work (during my breaks !), so i'll include all the 42 memes/policies for this 0.5 too.

0.5: Interface and Production Phase Status

The interface is now fully updated with energy data concerning a colony.

Here's a cropped screenshot, it's not much to show but better than nothing, and more work than you think:

Many bugfixes were been applied too.
So, at last but not least, i'm working on the production phase, and especially the first segment with energy calculations. This segment test the energy balance between consumption and generation, check the energy storage and make adjustments where it's required. The segment can also disable some of a colony's infrastructures to keep this balance.
I also added the framework of the segment 2, the products/items production one.
After the energy segment is completed i'll add all the rest of needed infrastructures and products for this 0.5, and there's many of them to add, so much hours of design and fun (hmm yeah...).

It becomes obvious that this 0.5 will not be completed at the end of July too, so i prefer from now to not say a thing about when it will be completed, it's the joy of opensource management :D

That's all for now, stay tuned.

0.5: Energy Production and Infrastructure's Custom Effects

Well, the CSM Energy module is now completed, with the management of colony's data: energy consumption, generation and storage.
The specific CSM event isn't implemented yet but it will before the completion of this version.

There's also many completions concerning the infrastructure's custom effects. For reminder the custom effects allows to assign special functions to an infrastructure in addition of it's basic function (housing/energy/intelligence/miscellaneous/production), it's not a player side feature but a design side one.
The completed custom effects are: HQ-Basic/Primary/Secondary,Product Storage, Energy Generation and Energy Storage.

Some refactoring in multiple units, and bugfixes in the production phase code were been applied too.

The next work will concern the interface update and after that the completion of the energy segment of the production phase.

NB: CSM= Colony Simulation Model  HQ= Headquarter

0.5: Energy

Since i working on the first segment of the production phase, the energy production/consumption, i needed to put an halt on it and implement the infrastructure's base power data together with the CSM Energy module data that are energy consumption, generation and storage.
These CSM data and the base power data, all these four noted in kilowatts, are already implemented and the infrastructure XML file has been updated with the new data. this CSM module, like other CSM data, can generate/update an event called "Energy Shortage" which will act as any other CSM event.
The base power indicate the infrastructure power consumption for the building itself and it's special effects if it has any. The energy consumption for the production modes aren't included since these ones can be enabled/disabled, it's updated on use.

I actually working on the CSM energy module by implementing colony's data update routine. When it will be done i'll update the interface for display these data in the colony panel and after that will continue to working on the first production segment.

Cryptic post finished :)

NB: CSM= Colony Simulation Model

0.5: Production Phase

Finally the Production Phase development is now in the way w/ the first commit tonight.
It will include the segment 1 w/ the energy production/consumption, the segment 2 w/ the items productions (according to each colony's production matrix), the segment 3 w/ the reserves, and the segment 5 w/ the processing of the infrastructures Conversion/Assembling/Building queues.

The segment 4 concerning the space units building will be implemented only after that the (hopefully) playable alpha will be released.

Beside that, and at the same time, the production matrix data structure will be implemented, additional infrastructures will be added, additional products will be also added, the  infrastructure staff and production delay rules will be implemented and of course many interface changes will be added too.

That's all for now, farcodev logoff :)

0.5: Update of the Infrastructure Assembling Setup Panel

For infrastructure assembling, if the colony has more than one type of infrastructure kit, in the colony's storage, for the same type of infrastructure, only one entry in the available infrastructure tree list is displayed. For example: a colony has kits for Nuclear Fission Reactors, 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large. The game will display only one entry of "Nuclear Fission Reactor" in the available infrastructures list.

The infrastructure panel, for configure an assembling/building process is now updated with the list of infrastructure kits to allow the player to chose which one he/she wants to assemble.

This screenshot show the update infrastructure panel in assembling mode:

This screenshot show the panel's display which is updated when an infrastructure kit is choosen:

Of course this list will not be displayed if there's only one kind of kit available.

0.5/0.5.1: Status Update

Yes 0.5.1, and why this version when the 0.5 isn't completed yet ? It's because i work on it during my break at my job so i speedup the upcoming version.
And the things goes well, the influence matrix between the memes/policies and their basic modifiers are near to be completed. After that i'll update the Socio-Political Matrix (SPM) XML file.

For the 0.5 i continue to finalize the implementation of the assembling / building rules: for the first by adding the management of the infrastructure kits DURING the assembling setup and process, and for the second by adding the management of the construction materials.
After that it will be the time to push to the Production Phase.
And the 0.5 version is now "officially" the bigger one, with more than 5130 lines of code, since the start of this 3rd iteration.

0.5: June 26 Status

Well as perhaps you've seen i didn't put any new code commit since 11 days, it's because i should complete some part of the game system in the docs, particularly the one concerning the resources spots and survey but also to complete my course revision before my exam this monday.

Now that it's done i can be back to the operations :)

Concerning the resources, here's how basically it will works (taken from the game design document):

Resources, which are the primary products that can be directly extracted from the environment, can have 2 kind of origin: the Direct Resources Locations (or DRL) and the Resource Spots.
Both the resources spots and DRL appear in the resources list of the current region.
The Direct Resources Location (or DRL) is an origin that doesn't requires any resource survey before to be exploited by the player/AI.
There's 5 types of DRL:

- Atmosphere: if an orbital object has an atmosphere it's possible to extract some of it's gases for storage and later use in game. Of course all depends of the atmosphere composition because only a few of these gases are usable. The list of these usable gases is the following: Ar, N2, O2, H2 and CH4. Depending on the importance of these gases in the atmosphere, a production infrastructure can extract more of less of them. It's used by the Atmospheric Pumping production mode.

- Arable Lands: if a region has a type of terrain named Arid / Fertile / Coastal Arid / Coastal Fertile with a Liquid Water hydrosphere it has arable land for direct farming (used by the Farming production mode)

- Edible Fauna/Flora: if an orbital object's biosphere class is Carbon-Based the fauna is edible. This DRL is exploited by Husbanding.

- Hydrosphere: this DRL indicate that exist exploitable local hydro sources. Of course it depends on the orbital object's hydrosphere type, only Liquid Water, Liquid Ammonia and Liquid Methane are taken in account. A local hydro source can be a river or a lake for example.
This kind of DRL is exploited by the Hydrosphere Pumping production mode.

- Oceanic: this DRL is available for any coastal region. The sea/ocean is directly exploitable and used by the Sea Pumping & Filtering production mode. The rule for the Hydrosphere DRL also applies for the Oceanic DRL.

The resources spots requires that a preliminary resource survey is made, There's actually 5 types of resource spots, detailed below:

- Gas Field: is a underground gas pocket from where the gases can be pumped, exploited by Natural Gas Processing production mode. The spot indicate the proportion of each gas in the field that can be extracted, so the % for the CH4 and N2.

- Hydrosphere Well:

- Icy Ore Field

- Ore Field: more or less underground ore lode. The nature and volume of the ore contained in this lode is listed by product with a %. Possible products that can be in a Ore Field are the following:

- Carbonaceous Ore

- Metallic Ore

- Rare Metals Ore

- Uranium Ore

- Underground Water

The resource survey rule itself is not yet completed.
I'll implement that after that the production phase is coded.

That's about all for now.

NB: i now that english isn't my primary language but i just hope that all the posts are clear for you :)

0.5: the Saga Continue :)

Well what's the short-term todolist now doc' ?

I actually finalizing a new region data, the environmental modifier (or EMO, no pun inside) which is used as a difficulty modifier related to the region and orbital object's environment.
For the building rule it will influence the build duration.
After that i'll complete the implementation of the building + assembling rules, and after that one i'll begin to implement the production phase.
There's also many game design document updates, especially the core document which has 138 pages.

Oh... and 2 weeks again and my cert exam is done, so more time for FARC ;)

That's all, i always hope to complete what i want for this 0.5 before the end of July.

0.5: some crude screenshots

Well the infrastructure panel isn't complete in it's basic set yet but i want to show you 2 screenies.

The first shows the available infrastructures list, at the right of the settlement's, with only 2 type of available infrastructure. Since they're assembled infrastructures in form of construction kits, there's a 'x' for indicate the number of available kits in the colony's storage.

The second display the (not complete) infrastructure panel w/ details concerning the infrastructure to assemble: the Construction Workforce Points that will be assigned to it, and the assembling duration in hours.

It's nothing like that, but the game take in account many requirements to display the available infrastructures like the presence of construction kits, the orbital object's environment, the required technology and the settlement's type level. I say that because there's also Houses Pack infrastructure which exists but no displayed because the settlement's level isn't the infrastructure level range.
So in clear, if it's not displayed in the list it's because you cannot assemble/build it !
All of that seems nothing, but this 0.5 takes 4416 lines of code already, near as much as for the 0.4 and it's not finished yet.

Well after these two not so impressive screenshots, i say stay tuned :)

0.5 Status and Basic Playable Alpha

Just a post for indicate that i think this 0.5 will be completed until the end of July, it will be "only" 3 month late compared to the previous deadline (end of April) but there's a lot of work to do, much more than i though, and... well.. it's sunny outside lol.

I working currently again on the infrastructure interface (but not screnshot yet AGAIN :)), i also made a big update of the design documents by adding cargo transfer rules (between a space unit and a colony or an another space unit) + the cargo delivery systems.

I also, after many changes, finalized the roadmap until the playable basic alpha, i reduced the major version numbers because to have an alpha with a version > 1.0 doesn't make sense.
So there's the crude roadmap:
  • 0.5.0: the current version i'm working on, concerning the production system and the conversion/assembling/building of the infrastructures
  • 0.5.1: will focus on a mass update of the Socio-Political System (SPM)  by the implementation of the others policies/memes which waiting to be coded, and also by the addition of the SPM custom effects. This version will include code bug fixes and audit/refactoring.
  • 0.5.2: will be an update of the FARC Universe Generator (Called FUG) that i'll try to complete as fast as possible, especially since i have an already completed one, from the previous failure, and even if it was of course bad coded and bugged at least it exists.
  • 0.5.3: will see the completion of the Colonization Phase System, which is the core system  of the first phase of the play. Many colonization objectives will be implemented.
  • 0.5.5: concern a basic trading system, to allow the player's colony to buy products and services from his/her allegiance faction.
  • 0.6.0: concern the game event systems, for generating (not so) random events.
I hope to reach the 0.6 completion at the end of 2011, or the first trimester of 2012...
I honestly don't know if i could do it, especially when i don't work full time on it, but we'll see.

That's all, stay tuned.

8 bit Funding Final Status and 0.5 update

My funding at 8 bit Funding is over... with $10 ! Always impressive considering it's open source and not completed in the playable alpha state yet. So thanks to the only one funder (including with the IndieGoGo period) : JoshuaJSlone ! :)

Apart that, as you can see on the Most Recent Update to SVN panel, i continue to update the interface for infrastructure configuration/assembling/building.
I don't have any screenie yet because i want to complete this part before, and if you're a programmer you can understand how a pain in the *ss it can be to dev.
There were some slowdown in the SVN update because partly i updated again the game design documents, especially for this 0.5, but on friday i've a day off dedicated fully for FARC dev only.
And too much people are bored during their free time... shame on them ! :)

That's all, stay tuned.

0.5: Assembling Basic Rule Completion

Sorry for the slow updates (for my taste) partly because i also prepare a cert exam for june. Anyway it's always hard to keep a constant pace during the year, i just want to complete this 0.5 before the 2 years of development anniversary on august... After the exam i'll have time until september to dev during my pauses at work, it will raise the amount of updated code/XML assets.

The infrastructure assembling rule (at least the basis) is now complete, i working now on the interface for put in the assembling/building queue new infrastructures and also to configure the already converted/assembled/built ones.

Screenshots will follow in the next post.

0.5: Data and Infrastructure Finalization

As we say in game development world, coding isn't the longer part.
I passed 2 days to finalize the new infrastructure (inflatable greenhouse) and rearrange some of the products and infrastructures data.

So now it's time to implement the rest of building construction rules: assembling, building, staff management, and finally transition and production delay.

I'll also implement a panel for infrastructure configuration/assembling-building.

Ranting finished, it's time to dev ! :)

0.5: Completion of Construction Workforce Points User's Interface

The user's interface for Construction Workforce Points assignation is completed, a bit rough on the edges yet but usable. It allows the 2 methods:  colonists assignation w/ possible tools, and vehicles assignation.

Here's a screenshot:

The interface has nothing fancy but for now it suffice and do the job.

Infrastructures assembling and building will follow + some user's interface again for assemble/build an infrastructure.
Finally the production system will be implemented after that.

Thanks ATI

Well...someone on Gamedev.net reported me that FARC 0.4.1 doesn't show any window at the start.... and i  reproduced the same problem with the 0.4.1. I though at start that was a dommed release, but my working 0.5 .exe did the same thing !

When i runned the exe under the IDE, i seen it blocked at COMCTL32.dll module loading.. ok after a reboot on Win7 all worked perfectly! the 0.4.1 and of course my working copy.
After a rerun under the IDE i seen that the loaded modulesjust after COMCTL32.dll were atiglpxx.dll and atioglpxx.dll.
TADAM !! ooooh suprising ! ATI superb OpenGL drivers strikes again !
Because when i was on Nvidia i never had this kind of bug.
So all is ok on a release side, but i posted some question on an opengl forum to see how to get rid of this annoying, tiring problem...

So i'm sorry if you had this kind of problem too.

Apart that the 0.5 progress as you can see on the SVN and i'm near to implement the construction rules and the production system.

0.5 dev update

Since i'm on 2 days off today and tomorrow, i consecrate them to dev this (so long) 0.5.

Colony's storage is now finalized and completed, implementation of CWP/TCWP rule and calculations will follow.
The storage completion was required since the assembled infrastructure kits are products.

After that, will follow the Assembling/Building user's interface + rules implementation.

I will also be in need to add another infrastructures to assemble/build.

My 2 cents.

0.5: Workforce Construction SubSystem

I'm working actually on the construction workforce subsystem, particularly the interface for it.

'What ? another "system" again ??! damn you w/ your strange "game" !'

Haem.... well.. the construction workforce use one data at the colony level named TCWP or Total Construction Workforce Points. 1 point is equivalent to one construction worker.
TCWP are used only for assembled and built infrastructures and are generated at the player's choice by 2 means:
1/ By colonists assignation: the player can assign a number of colonists, associated w/ a class of construction equipment depending of which ones are available in the colony's storage, for use them as construction workforce. The calculation is fairly simple, roughly it's: colonists number*construction equipment coefficient. For example if the player assign 20 colonists w/ (20) "Hand + Power Tools (well equipped)" product which has a coef of 1, it will provide 20*1=20 CWP to the TCWP.

2/ By mechanized construction equipment assignation: the player ca assign a number of mechanized construction equipment, depending of which ones are available in the colony's storage, for use them as construction workforce.These mechanized can be robots or vehicles. In the case of robotic equipment, there's a big advantage since 1 unit can be equivalent to more  than one worker and doesn't need any colonist. In the case of vehicular equipment, they requires a crew taken in the colonists, there's a slight cons since the crew itself doesn't generate any CWP.

To assign colonists is a tactical choice, because any assignated colonists can't be used or converted anymore for any other task than construction. It's a limitation not by choice but a practical one in the programming side.

There will be an option, that will can be applicable to any of the player's colonies, to stabilize the number of construction workers compared to the total population. In clear, it will be possible to tell to the game to assign a minimum of 1 to 10% of the total number of colonists in all time.

Don't worry it appear to be complicated, perhaps due to my bad english :) but it's fairly simple in the player's side.

There's no screenshot of the interface itself since it's a work-in-progress yet.

And oops, the TCWP is used to calculate assembling/building times. The calculated construction workforce for an infrastructure, or iCWP, is calculated as follows (taken for the design doc):

TLVL: sum of all infrastructures levels currently in the CAB queue, including the new added one
LVL: infrastructure level of the new one that's added in the CAB queue

x= Log(TLVL) / Log(LVL)

iCWP= TCWP / x rounded at 1 decimal

That's all for now.