0.5.0: Settlements

There was no SVN update since the previous post because i updating the main game design document and the infrastructure specific table files.
Infrastructures in FARC are all buildings, structures and support installations. They're grouped in Settlements which are founded on a region.
The reason of such groups is for the following purposes:
- to treat infrastructures location in an easy way
- to group infrastructures in a same homogeneous type of urbanization (see the settlements types below)
- to apply events and battle effect on infrastructures as a whole, a single entity
- to store a custom name location

Here's a quick list of particularities of the settlements:
- only one of the same faction can occupy a region, whatever it's size
- each of them has a level noted from 1 to 7, not related to the colony level, that indicate the size of the urban organization
- each of them has a specific type

There's 3 specific types: Surface (can be used in Free and Restricted environments), Space Surface (can be used in Space environmnent) and Subterranean (can be used in any environments).
Here's the Tables descripting each level for each specific type:

  • Surface Settlement:
    Level Name
    Isolated Dwellings
  • Space Surface Settlement: 
    Level Name
    City Dome
    Space City
    Local Ecosphere
    Regional Ecosphere
  • Subterranean Settlement:
    Level Name
    Buried Outpost
    Deep Covered Settlement
    Underground Complex
    Tube Habitat
    Multilevelled Underground Complex
    Beehive Habitat
    Deep Underground Matrix
Of course the conditions for an infrastructure to expand to the next level and the effects of these levels (like the building costs bonus) aren't the same for each of these levels.
That's all for now, i'll resume the development, and SVN updates, tomorrow :)

0.4.2 Completion

Yup there's a 0.4.2, surprise ! :)

In fact this version doesn't concerns the player itself but a debug tool, and not an optional one: the FUG, or FARC Universe Generator.

I completed the interface with orbits generation and system type settings and added the calculations for determine the number of orbits to generate.
This tool is obviously used for generate the stellar systems of the game, and is a debug tool since the universe of the game is static and based on our real one. So after each major version i update the FUG until it's complete for the beta 0.9, and ready to generate the final stellar systems.
For now only a test system (the Alpha Centauri one) is in the game, and will be replaced by a real and final one.
The development of this tool isn't from scratch since i made 3 previous complete version of the generator since 2003. The only problems is that these codes are buggy and outdated but at least constitute a good base for the FUG.

For give you an idea, here's a screenshot of the current FUG:

As you can see on the right, the output is formatted in XML for an easy copy paste to the universe.xml database.
And now it's complete the 0.5 begins ! It will take 2 to 3 months (not more i hope) to be completed.

0.4.1 Released

The 0.4.1 is now officially released. You can see the changes since the and dowload the installer exe or the non installer 7zip in the Download section.

0.4.1 Update Again and Completion this Weekend

The last changes are:
- full shortcut keys support for the UMI/Faction tab
- addition of a new CSM event (the 6th) Governmental Destabilization, which is triggered when the political system requirements aren't met or a HeadQuarter is lost
- addition of the 19th SPM item, Green Economy
- Colony Panel: interface elements presentation overhaul, see the screenshots below:


I need to update the maximum allowed faction's status in the UMI + some cleanup and bugfixes and the 0.4.1 will be done... and released this weekend.

SPM= Socio-Political Matrix

CSM= Colony Simulation Model   UMI= Unified Macromanagement Interface

0.4.1 update

This sub-version concerns some refinements before the 0.5.

First i updating the encyclopedia texts which are a slow and long but required job, especially when English isn't my primary language :)
You can see below a screenshot of a new text:
 I also added a new sub-feature which applies the faction's status rules for policies enforcement, in clear if the player's faction hasn't an enough status level, he/she can't enforce policies.
For a more detailed look of the faction's status, read the text in the screenshot above.

That's all for now, there's some job to do for this 0.4.1 and i hope to not waste too much time before the next main version, but if you want to do a good job you can't add new main features before to have a solid base :D

For the 0.4.1 release, i'll block the faction's status rules for allow the people that will test this release to try the policies enforcement.

That's all for now

0.4 completed, 0.4.1 on the way

With 9 days of delay, regarding what was planned, the 0.4 is now complete.

I begin the 0.4.1 right now, this sub-version will include help texts, user's interface refinement and additional memes/policies, after that i'll begin the 0.5 with the infrastructures and production system (a big part, more than the previous major versions).

I don't make an "official" release for the 0.4 since there's help texts and memes/policies missing, i'll do for the 0.4.1 including an installer.

0.4 Completion again...

New updates concerning this (long) SPM coding:
  • the policies process is now complete, apart a detail concerning the government destabilization in case if a requirement for a unique policy (like the political system) isn't met. It will be added in the 0.4.1 w/ the CSM event itself.
  • memes spread value calculations are now complete
So i need again to implement the requirements process and the belief level progression for the memes and  it will be completed. For the requirements it's not a big deal to implement since it's barely the same than for the policies.
Of course these implementations lack of some details but the goal of the alpha (for become a beta version) is to have all the core systems to be implemented.
So finally i hope it will be finished tomorrow

0.4 Completion

Well after this pause in the development because of new year's party i working now for the completion of this 0.4, which i hope will be done on tuesday at max. Since i have monday/tuesday off it will be faster :)

Also the 18th SPM item, One-World Community, is added.