0.5 Dev Update: Buildings data Structure

Well the last SVN commits concerns mainly the data structure of the buildings, so in more details it include:
  • the requirements in 5 categories: hydrosphere, construction materials, region's soil, resource spot and technoscience.
  • the functions in 5 categories, including the specific data of each function: energy, housing, intelligence, miscellaneous and production.
  • the energy and production modes. This concerns only the entry, not the calculations yet. There's 3 energy mode for now: fission/fusion and photon, and  7 production modes: Carbonaceous Ore Refining, Humidity Gathering, Metallic Ore Refining, Radioactive Ore Refining, Rare Metals Ore Refining, Resource Mining and Water Electrolysis.
  • Some data structures concerning the technosciences are added too. 
  • Colonization  Shelters data are expanded with the new additions.
Future additions will concerns again the buildings data structure with the addition of staff data and custom effects for add custom functions that are not included in the infrastructure's function. for example a Housing infrastructure could have a custom effect "Energy Generation" to produce energy or have a "Basic HQ" role.
After that i'll update user's interface with one main tree list to display settlement's infrastructures.
This version already take more than 1,000 lines of code yet and it's far to be finished.

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