0.5 Game Design Update

These last days i completed the infrastructures building system, in the game design documents, including:
  • created the rules for the Conversion/Assembling/Building (CAB) queue 
  • completed the calculations for colony's building workforce, including those when a new infrastructure is in the CAB queue
  • completed the Building rules and calculations, for determine the building duration
  • completed infrastructures' staff rules and calculations
  • completed rules for infrastructures transition status and production delay
  • completed the production processes rules
  • added some production modes
  • (Work In Progress) nearly completed the repartition of the production between colony's reserves and colony's storages  for industrial purposes, i working on it yet. This part include also the colony's reserves (food/oxygen/water) management rules and calculations. The Colony Simulation Model (CSM) data are also expanded with colony's reserves. New CSM events will be created too, especially in case of life support overload and reserves shortage
And... that's all for now concerning the game design. For information the main game document reached 104 pages yesterday.

In the dev itself, settlements are now displayed, and the surface is automatically updated when a colony is settled.
Look this screenshot, it's not much but it's a start:
The Surface in this example display 3 settlements
After the game design session is done, i'll implement the new infrastructure and colony's data and i'll begin to display the settlement's infrastructures in the colony data panel.
Lot of work...lot of work... :)

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