0.5: Production System

I continue to making game design work about the production system itself.
The production concerns the items/products that can be extracted/refined and manufactured in the game.
There's 5 classes of items:
  • Resources: regroup all raw resources, like water or Carbonaceous Ore
  • Energy: regroup all energy-related items, like Helium-3 Isotope or Nuclear Fission Reactors
  • Materials: regoup all materials, like Plastics or Nanocomposites
  • Bioproducts: regroup all biological products, like Animal Food and Bioroids
  • Equipment: regroup all hardware and equipment (out of energy equipments), like Fractal Building Unit or Scout Autonomous Rover
These items are generated by infrastructures which can have one ore more than one production mode.
For example an Ore Processing Plant has 3 production modes: Carbonaceous Ore Refining, Metallic Ore Refining and Rare Metals Ore Refining.
A Mining Camp has 1 production mode: Resource Mining.

Resources aren't really generated, but extracted from resources spots on an orbital object.
Resources spots must be found by expeditions doing resources survey.
One region can have one or several resources spots, and at the contrary to the rest of the orbital objects data the resources spots are generated in-game, and so the finding will never be the same from one game to an another.

That's my 2 cents of description, of course it's a bit more complicated, especially since the system, w/ the infrastructures and the items are separated in 3 documents.

Stay tuned, this 0.5 will be the bigger of all the other already implemented major versions :))


  1. man I'm glad you decided to continue this projedct. I found it a while ago and never heard of it again! Good luck!

  2. Thank you, this project is started (for the third time...) since august 2009 now.

    After 2 previous failures, the game is really here now, patience pay.

    thanks again !