0.5 Status: Products Addition, and 8bits funding update

for the 8 bits funding, i forgot to make the project live oops, it's done now, at least i can see it in the search/browse now :D

Well, for the serious part i continue to implement data structures, sorry no screenshot of new addition user's interface elements yet :(
The last implementation concerns the products. Products are items that are extracted/refined/produced and/or manufactured during the production phase each game hour (or 6 seconds of real time). These items doesn't include the space units and infrastructures.
Products are grouped in 5 classes:
  • Resources: like Water or Carbonaceous Ore.
  • Energy-related Items: like Nuclear Fission Reactor or Helium-3 Isotope.
  • Materials: like Concrete or Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes.
  • Bioproducts: like Fruits & Vegetables and Synthetic Food.
  • Equipments: like Autonomous Rovers and Fractal Building Unit.
Once the basic implementation is complete i'll add colony's storage and reserve, i'll complete the Conversion mode for the infrastructures and FINALLY i'll update the user's interface (yeah really).

Back to work >< !


  1. Congrats great project! I love the theme but, in these days, there beem healy hard to find something so wel developed. see

    Victor Alves, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  2. Thanks !

    Ya, it's not a really easy work, especially for one person, but it worth it ! ;)