Update notice

The dev/design takes some delay since march 20 because i received one part of my new pc (the second and last one will come until friday or the next monday) so it means installation, overclocking, testing and installing of the apps :D

Because of that there will be delay yet until about the next weekend (the first one of april), but don't worry it will starting again after that. The Linux users will be glad to read that this new pc will also run a virtual machine under Linux especially to dev FARC under this OS (no need to have a multiboot w/ 16Gb of RAM).

That's all for the rant. The dev itself isn't totally freezed since i using my breaks at work for dev one side feature concerning the encyclopedia text formatting. It will allow me to update more easily the encyclopedia texts, and that's not useless since a lot of updates are required in this sector :]
Concerning the main dev path i also began to update the infrastructures list of the colony data panel on march 20 and 21 (the SVN isn't updated with it yet). There's a tree list on the left to display the infrastructures of a selected settlement in the 5 separated classes (like Housing or Energy) with glyphs which indicate the status of each buildings like operational, disabled or in transition. Beside this tree list there will be a multitabs panel for select infrastructures to build, and of course the CAB (conversion/assembling/building) queue will be displayed in this panel too.

That's all, stay tuned :)

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