0.5: Complete Infrastructure List w/ Available To Assemble/Build

These days i continue to working on the interface, with the basic completion of the settlement's infrastructures list and the available infrastructures for assemble/build list.

You can see a screenshot of it below:
The two tree lists are organized in infrastructure's function, like Energy or Housing, of course in the screenshot there's only one type of infrastructure for now, it will be expanded each time i'll update the database.

I also corrected the colony's and population's data display, here's the screenshot:

It's a bit more clear and the population details tree list is ready to receive additional data, especially the ones concerning the Workforce Capability Points that i'll add in a next update.

Beside that:
  • the colony data panel location is now fixed in the case when FARC is running on a 1024*768 display
  • an additional infrastructure is added: Houses Pack
  • two products are added: Carbon Composites and Concrete
the next updates will concern: the addition of specialists, mostly Soldiers and Technician, in the colonization  setting of the Magellan Unity faction, the addition of other products (like nuclear fission reactors) and infrastructures (Inflatable Greenhouse, Open Hanger and Fission Reactor).
After that i'll begin to implement the production phase, certainly in a multithreaded way, and the rest of the rules concerning the infrastructures (like the transition phase, and also the assembling and building process).
Finally i'll update the interface for build new infrastructures.
And... after that i'll continue to implement the rest of the stuff required to complete this 0.5, maybe in mid may because of the delay with the new PC.

That's all, farcodev log off :)


  1. Sorry for the delay, yup there's a pack of work to do :)