0.5: Workforce Construction SubSystem

I'm working actually on the construction workforce subsystem, particularly the interface for it.

'What ? another "system" again ??! damn you w/ your strange "game" !'

Haem.... well.. the construction workforce use one data at the colony level named TCWP or Total Construction Workforce Points. 1 point is equivalent to one construction worker.
TCWP are used only for assembled and built infrastructures and are generated at the player's choice by 2 means:
1/ By colonists assignation: the player can assign a number of colonists, associated w/ a class of construction equipment depending of which ones are available in the colony's storage, for use them as construction workforce. The calculation is fairly simple, roughly it's: colonists number*construction equipment coefficient. For example if the player assign 20 colonists w/ (20) "Hand + Power Tools (well equipped)" product which has a coef of 1, it will provide 20*1=20 CWP to the TCWP.

2/ By mechanized construction equipment assignation: the player ca assign a number of mechanized construction equipment, depending of which ones are available in the colony's storage, for use them as construction workforce.These mechanized can be robots or vehicles. In the case of robotic equipment, there's a big advantage since 1 unit can be equivalent to more  than one worker and doesn't need any colonist. In the case of vehicular equipment, they requires a crew taken in the colonists, there's a slight cons since the crew itself doesn't generate any CWP.

To assign colonists is a tactical choice, because any assignated colonists can't be used or converted anymore for any other task than construction. It's a limitation not by choice but a practical one in the programming side.

There will be an option, that will can be applicable to any of the player's colonies, to stabilize the number of construction workers compared to the total population. In clear, it will be possible to tell to the game to assign a minimum of 1 to 10% of the total number of colonists in all time.

Don't worry it appear to be complicated, perhaps due to my bad english :) but it's fairly simple in the player's side.

There's no screenshot of the interface itself since it's a work-in-progress yet.

And oops, the TCWP is used to calculate assembling/building times. The calculated construction workforce for an infrastructure, or iCWP, is calculated as follows (taken for the design doc):

TLVL: sum of all infrastructures levels currently in the CAB queue, including the new added one
LVL: infrastructure level of the new one that's added in the CAB queue

x= Log(TLVL) / Log(LVL)

iCWP= TCWP / x rounded at 1 decimal

That's all for now.


  1. This is interesting news. I can't wait for the next release of FAR Colony, especially since I am quite fond of space colonisation games .

  2. Thanks RulerOfNothing, some support is always appreciated :)

    There's again a load of work with this one, but it (slowly) progress time after time.