0.5: Assembling Basic Rule Completion

Sorry for the slow updates (for my taste) partly because i also prepare a cert exam for june. Anyway it's always hard to keep a constant pace during the year, i just want to complete this 0.5 before the 2 years of development anniversary on august... After the exam i'll have time until september to dev during my pauses at work, it will raise the amount of updated code/XML assets.

The infrastructure assembling rule (at least the basis) is now complete, i working now on the interface for put in the assembling/building queue new infrastructures and also to configure the already converted/assembled/built ones.

Screenshots will follow in the next post.

0.5: Data and Infrastructure Finalization

As we say in game development world, coding isn't the longer part.
I passed 2 days to finalize the new infrastructure (inflatable greenhouse) and rearrange some of the products and infrastructures data.

So now it's time to implement the rest of building construction rules: assembling, building, staff management, and finally transition and production delay.

I'll also implement a panel for infrastructure configuration/assembling-building.

Ranting finished, it's time to dev ! :)

0.5: Completion of Construction Workforce Points User's Interface

The user's interface for Construction Workforce Points assignation is completed, a bit rough on the edges yet but usable. It allows the 2 methods:  colonists assignation w/ possible tools, and vehicles assignation.

Here's a screenshot:

The interface has nothing fancy but for now it suffice and do the job.

Infrastructures assembling and building will follow + some user's interface again for assemble/build an infrastructure.
Finally the production system will be implemented after that.

Thanks ATI

Well...someone on Gamedev.net reported me that FARC 0.4.1 doesn't show any window at the start.... and i  reproduced the same problem with the 0.4.1. I though at start that was a dommed release, but my working 0.5 .exe did the same thing !

When i runned the exe under the IDE, i seen it blocked at COMCTL32.dll module loading.. ok after a reboot on Win7 all worked perfectly! the 0.4.1 and of course my working copy.
After a rerun under the IDE i seen that the loaded modulesjust after COMCTL32.dll were atiglpxx.dll and atioglpxx.dll.
TADAM !! ooooh suprising ! ATI superb OpenGL drivers strikes again !
Because when i was on Nvidia i never had this kind of bug.
So all is ok on a release side, but i posted some question on an opengl forum to see how to get rid of this annoying, tiring problem...

So i'm sorry if you had this kind of problem too.

Apart that the 0.5 progress as you can see on the SVN and i'm near to implement the construction rules and the production system.

0.5 dev update

Since i'm on 2 days off today and tomorrow, i consecrate them to dev this (so long) 0.5.

Colony's storage is now finalized and completed, implementation of CWP/TCWP rule and calculations will follow.
The storage completion was required since the assembled infrastructure kits are products.

After that, will follow the Assembling/Building user's interface + rules implementation.

I will also be in need to add another infrastructures to assemble/build.

My 2 cents.