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0.5/0.5.1: Status Update

Yes 0.5.1, and why this version when the 0.5 isn't completed yet ? It's because i work on it during my break at my job so i speedup the upcoming version.
And the things goes well, the influence matrix between the memes/policies and their basic modifiers are near to be completed. After that i'll update the Socio-Political Matrix (SPM) XML file.

For the 0.5 i continue to finalize the implementation of the assembling / building rules: for the first by adding the management of the infrastructure kits DURING the assembling setup and process, and for the second by adding the management of the construction materials.
After that it will be the time to push to the Production Phase.
And the 0.5 version is now "officially" the bigger one, with more than 5130 lines of code, since the start of this 3rd iteration.

0.5: June 26 Status

Well as perhaps you've seen i didn't put any new code commit since 11 days, it's because i should complete some part of the game system in the docs, particularly the one concerning the resources spots and survey but also to complete my course revision before my exam this monday.

Now that it's done i can be back to the operations :)

Concerning the resources, here's how basically it will works (taken from the game design document):

Resources, which are the primary products that can be directly extracted from the environment, can have 2 kind of origin: the Direct Resources Locations (or DRL) and the Resource Spots.
Both the resources spots and DRL appear in the resources list of the current region.
The Direct Resources Location (or DRL) is an origin that doesn't requires any resource survey before to be exploited by the player/AI.
There's 5 types of DRL:

- Atmosphere: if an orbital object has an atmosphere it's possible to extract some of it's gases for…

0.5: the Saga Continue :)

Well what's the short-term todolist now doc' ?

I actually finalizing a new region data, the environmental modifier (or EMO, no pun inside) which is used as a difficulty modifier related to the region and orbital object's environment.
For the building rule it will influence the build duration.
After that i'll complete the implementation of the building + assembling rules, and after that one i'll begin to implement the production phase.
There's also many game design document updates, especially the core document which has 138 pages.

Oh... and 2 weeks again and my cert exam is done, so more time for FARC ;)

That's all, i always hope to complete what i want for this 0.5 before the end of July.

0.5: some crude screenshots

Well the infrastructure panel isn't complete in it's basic set yet but i want to show you 2 screenies.

The first shows the available infrastructures list, at the right of the settlement's, with only 2 type of available infrastructure. Since they're assembled infrastructures in form of construction kits, there's a 'x' for indicate the number of available kits in the colony's storage.

The second display the (not complete) infrastructure panel w/ details concerning the infrastructure to assemble: the Construction Workforce Points that will be assigned to it, and the assembling duration in hours.

It's nothing like that, but the game take in account many requirements to display the available infrastructures like the presence of construction kits, the orbital object's environment, the required technology and the settlement's type level. I say that because there's also Houses Pack infrastructure which exists but no displayed because the settlem…

0.5 Status and Basic Playable Alpha

Just a post for indicate that i think this 0.5 will be completed until the end of July, it will be "only" 3 month late compared to the previous deadline (end of April) but there's a lot of work to do, much more than i though, and... well.. it's sunny outside lol.

I working currently again on the infrastructure interface (but not screnshot yet AGAIN :)), i also made a big update of the design documents by adding cargo transfer rules (between a space unit and a colony or an another space unit) + the cargo delivery systems.

I also, after many changes, finalized the roadmap until the playable basic alpha, i reduced the major version numbers because to have an alpha with a version > 1.0 doesn't make sense.
So there's the crude roadmap:
0.5.0: the current version i'm working on, concerning the production system and the conversion/assembling/building of the infrastructures 0.5.1: will focus on a mass update of the Socio-Political System (SPM)  by the impl…

8 bit Funding Final Status and 0.5 update

My funding at 8 bit Funding is over... with $10 ! Always impressive considering it's open source and not completed in the playable alpha state yet. So thanks to the only one funder (including with the IndieGoGo period) : JoshuaJSlone ! :)

Apart that, as you can see on the Most Recent Update to SVN panel, i continue to update the interface for infrastructure configuration/assembling/building.
I don't have any screenie yet because i want to complete this part before, and if you're a programmer you can understand how a pain in the *ss it can be to dev.
There were some slowdown in the SVN update because partly i updated again the game design documents, especially for this 0.5, but on friday i've a day off dedicated fully for FARC dev only.
And too much people are bored during their free time... shame on them ! :)

That's all, stay tuned.