0.5: June 26 Status

Well as perhaps you've seen i didn't put any new code commit since 11 days, it's because i should complete some part of the game system in the docs, particularly the one concerning the resources spots and survey but also to complete my course revision before my exam this monday.

Now that it's done i can be back to the operations :)

Concerning the resources, here's how basically it will works (taken from the game design document):

Resources, which are the primary products that can be directly extracted from the environment, can have 2 kind of origin: the Direct Resources Locations (or DRL) and the Resource Spots.
Both the resources spots and DRL appear in the resources list of the current region.
The Direct Resources Location (or DRL) is an origin that doesn't requires any resource survey before to be exploited by the player/AI.
There's 5 types of DRL:

- Atmosphere: if an orbital object has an atmosphere it's possible to extract some of it's gases for storage and later use in game. Of course all depends of the atmosphere composition because only a few of these gases are usable. The list of these usable gases is the following: Ar, N2, O2, H2 and CH4. Depending on the importance of these gases in the atmosphere, a production infrastructure can extract more of less of them. It's used by the Atmospheric Pumping production mode.

- Arable Lands: if a region has a type of terrain named Arid / Fertile / Coastal Arid / Coastal Fertile with a Liquid Water hydrosphere it has arable land for direct farming (used by the Farming production mode)

- Edible Fauna/Flora: if an orbital object's biosphere class is Carbon-Based the fauna is edible. This DRL is exploited by Husbanding.

- Hydrosphere: this DRL indicate that exist exploitable local hydro sources. Of course it depends on the orbital object's hydrosphere type, only Liquid Water, Liquid Ammonia and Liquid Methane are taken in account. A local hydro source can be a river or a lake for example.
This kind of DRL is exploited by the Hydrosphere Pumping production mode.

- Oceanic: this DRL is available for any coastal region. The sea/ocean is directly exploitable and used by the Sea Pumping & Filtering production mode. The rule for the Hydrosphere DRL also applies for the Oceanic DRL.

The resources spots requires that a preliminary resource survey is made, There's actually 5 types of resource spots, detailed below:

- Gas Field: is a underground gas pocket from where the gases can be pumped, exploited by Natural Gas Processing production mode. The spot indicate the proportion of each gas in the field that can be extracted, so the % for the CH4 and N2.

- Hydrosphere Well:

- Icy Ore Field

- Ore Field: more or less underground ore lode. The nature and volume of the ore contained in this lode is listed by product with a %. Possible products that can be in a Ore Field are the following:

- Carbonaceous Ore

- Metallic Ore

- Rare Metals Ore

- Uranium Ore

- Underground Water

The resource survey rule itself is not yet completed.
I'll implement that after that the production phase is coded.

That's about all for now.

NB: i now that english isn't my primary language but i just hope that all the posts are clear for you :)

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