0.5: some crude screenshots

Well the infrastructure panel isn't complete in it's basic set yet but i want to show you 2 screenies.

The first shows the available infrastructures list, at the right of the settlement's, with only 2 type of available infrastructure. Since they're assembled infrastructures in form of construction kits, there's a 'x' for indicate the number of available kits in the colony's storage.

The second display the (not complete) infrastructure panel w/ details concerning the infrastructure to assemble: the Construction Workforce Points that will be assigned to it, and the assembling duration in hours.

It's nothing like that, but the game take in account many requirements to display the available infrastructures like the presence of construction kits, the orbital object's environment, the required technology and the settlement's type level. I say that because there's also Houses Pack infrastructure which exists but no displayed because the settlement's level isn't the infrastructure level range.
So in clear, if it's not displayed in the list it's because you cannot assemble/build it !
All of that seems nothing, but this 0.5 takes 4416 lines of code already, near as much as for the 0.4 and it's not finished yet.

Well after these two not so impressive screenshots, i say stay tuned :)

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