0.5/0.5.1: Status Update

Yes 0.5.1, and why this version when the 0.5 isn't completed yet ? It's because i work on it during my break at my job so i speedup the upcoming version.
And the things goes well, the influence matrix between the memes/policies and their basic modifiers are near to be completed. After that i'll update the Socio-Political Matrix (SPM) XML file.

For the 0.5 i continue to finalize the implementation of the assembling / building rules: for the first by adding the management of the infrastructure kits DURING the assembling setup and process, and for the second by adding the management of the construction materials.
After that it will be the time to push to the Production Phase.
And the 0.5 version is now "officially" the bigger one, with more than 5130 lines of code, since the start of this 3rd iteration.

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