8 bit Funding Final Status and 0.5 update

My funding at 8 bit Funding is over... with $10 ! Always impressive considering it's open source and not completed in the playable alpha state yet. So thanks to the only one funder (including with the IndieGoGo period) : JoshuaJSlone ! :)

Apart that, as you can see on the Most Recent Update to SVN panel, i continue to update the interface for infrastructure configuration/assembling/building.
I don't have any screenie yet because i want to complete this part before, and if you're a programmer you can understand how a pain in the *ss it can be to dev.
There were some slowdown in the SVN update because partly i updated again the game design documents, especially for this 0.5, but on friday i've a day off dedicated fully for FARC dev only.
And too much people are bored during their free time... shame on them ! :)

That's all, stay tuned.

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