Birthday ! + a Small Update Notice

Sorry for this non informative post but this iteration of FARC has 2 years from today !

Time pass so fast...

NB: i just forgot, there's also a small update notice: i nearly completed the Socio-Political Matrix memes and policies at my work (during my breaks !), so i'll include all the 42 memes/policies for this 0.5 too.

0.5: Interface and Production Phase Status

The interface is now fully updated with energy data concerning a colony.

Here's a cropped screenshot, it's not much to show but better than nothing, and more work than you think:

Many bugfixes were been applied too.
So, at last but not least, i'm working on the production phase, and especially the first segment with energy calculations. This segment test the energy balance between consumption and generation, check the energy storage and make adjustments where it's required. The segment can also disable some of a colony's infrastructures to keep this balance.
I also added the framework of the segment 2, the products/items production one.
After the energy segment is completed i'll add all the rest of needed infrastructures and products for this 0.5, and there's many of them to add, so much hours of design and fun (hmm yeah...).

It becomes obvious that this 0.5 will not be completed at the end of July too, so i prefer from now to not say a thing about when it will be completed, it's the joy of opensource management :D

That's all for now, stay tuned.

0.5: Energy Production and Infrastructure's Custom Effects

Well, the CSM Energy module is now completed, with the management of colony's data: energy consumption, generation and storage.
The specific CSM event isn't implemented yet but it will before the completion of this version.

There's also many completions concerning the infrastructure's custom effects. For reminder the custom effects allows to assign special functions to an infrastructure in addition of it's basic function (housing/energy/intelligence/miscellaneous/production), it's not a player side feature but a design side one.
The completed custom effects are: HQ-Basic/Primary/Secondary,Product Storage, Energy Generation and Energy Storage.

Some refactoring in multiple units, and bugfixes in the production phase code were been applied too.

The next work will concern the interface update and after that the completion of the energy segment of the production phase.

NB: CSM= Colony Simulation Model  HQ= Headquarter

0.5: Energy

Since i working on the first segment of the production phase, the energy production/consumption, i needed to put an halt on it and implement the infrastructure's base power data together with the CSM Energy module data that are energy consumption, generation and storage.
These CSM data and the base power data, all these four noted in kilowatts, are already implemented and the infrastructure XML file has been updated with the new data. this CSM module, like other CSM data, can generate/update an event called "Energy Shortage" which will act as any other CSM event.
The base power indicate the infrastructure power consumption for the building itself and it's special effects if it has any. The energy consumption for the production modes aren't included since these ones can be enabled/disabled, it's updated on use.

I actually working on the CSM energy module by implementing colony's data update routine. When it will be done i'll update the interface for display these data in the colony panel and after that will continue to working on the first production segment.

Cryptic post finished :)

NB: CSM= Colony Simulation Model

0.5: Production Phase

Finally the Production Phase development is now in the way w/ the first commit tonight.
It will include the segment 1 w/ the energy production/consumption, the segment 2 w/ the items productions (according to each colony's production matrix), the segment 3 w/ the reserves, and the segment 5 w/ the processing of the infrastructures Conversion/Assembling/Building queues.

The segment 4 concerning the space units building will be implemented only after that the (hopefully) playable alpha will be released.

Beside that, and at the same time, the production matrix data structure will be implemented, additional infrastructures will be added, additional products will be also added, the  infrastructure staff and production delay rules will be implemented and of course many interface changes will be added too.

That's all for now, farcodev logoff :)

0.5: Update of the Infrastructure Assembling Setup Panel

For infrastructure assembling, if the colony has more than one type of infrastructure kit, in the colony's storage, for the same type of infrastructure, only one entry in the available infrastructure tree list is displayed. For example: a colony has kits for Nuclear Fission Reactors, 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large. The game will display only one entry of "Nuclear Fission Reactor" in the available infrastructures list.

The infrastructure panel, for configure an assembling/building process is now updated with the list of infrastructure kits to allow the player to chose which one he/she wants to assemble.

This screenshot show the update infrastructure panel in assembling mode:

This screenshot show the panel's display which is updated when an infrastructure kit is choosen:

Of course this list will not be displayed if there's only one kind of kit available.