0.5: Energy Production and Infrastructure's Custom Effects

Well, the CSM Energy module is now completed, with the management of colony's data: energy consumption, generation and storage.
The specific CSM event isn't implemented yet but it will before the completion of this version.

There's also many completions concerning the infrastructure's custom effects. For reminder the custom effects allows to assign special functions to an infrastructure in addition of it's basic function (housing/energy/intelligence/miscellaneous/production), it's not a player side feature but a design side one.
The completed custom effects are: HQ-Basic/Primary/Secondary,Product Storage, Energy Generation and Energy Storage.

Some refactoring in multiple units, and bugfixes in the production phase code were been applied too.

The next work will concern the interface update and after that the completion of the energy segment of the production phase.

NB: CSM= Colony Simulation Model  HQ= Headquarter

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