0.5: Energy

Since i working on the first segment of the production phase, the energy production/consumption, i needed to put an halt on it and implement the infrastructure's base power data together with the CSM Energy module data that are energy consumption, generation and storage.
These CSM data and the base power data, all these four noted in kilowatts, are already implemented and the infrastructure XML file has been updated with the new data. this CSM module, like other CSM data, can generate/update an event called "Energy Shortage" which will act as any other CSM event.
The base power indicate the infrastructure power consumption for the building itself and it's special effects if it has any. The energy consumption for the production modes aren't included since these ones can be enabled/disabled, it's updated on use.

I actually working on the CSM energy module by implementing colony's data update routine. When it will be done i'll update the interface for display these data in the colony panel and after that will continue to working on the first production segment.

Cryptic post finished :)

NB: CSM= Colony Simulation Model

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