0.5: Interface and Production Phase Status

The interface is now fully updated with energy data concerning a colony.

Here's a cropped screenshot, it's not much to show but better than nothing, and more work than you think:

Many bugfixes were been applied too.
So, at last but not least, i'm working on the production phase, and especially the first segment with energy calculations. This segment test the energy balance between consumption and generation, check the energy storage and make adjustments where it's required. The segment can also disable some of a colony's infrastructures to keep this balance.
I also added the framework of the segment 2, the products/items production one.
After the energy segment is completed i'll add all the rest of needed infrastructures and products for this 0.5, and there's many of them to add, so much hours of design and fun (hmm yeah...).

It becomes obvious that this 0.5 will not be completed at the end of July too, so i prefer from now to not say a thing about when it will be completed, it's the joy of opensource management :D

That's all for now, stay tuned.

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