0.5: Update of the Infrastructure Assembling Setup Panel

For infrastructure assembling, if the colony has more than one type of infrastructure kit, in the colony's storage, for the same type of infrastructure, only one entry in the available infrastructure tree list is displayed. For example: a colony has kits for Nuclear Fission Reactors, 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large. The game will display only one entry of "Nuclear Fission Reactor" in the available infrastructures list.

The infrastructure panel, for configure an assembling/building process is now updated with the list of infrastructure kits to allow the player to chose which one he/she wants to assemble.

This screenshot show the update infrastructure panel in assembling mode:

This screenshot show the panel's display which is updated when an infrastructure kit is choosen:

Of course this list will not be displayed if there's only one kind of kit available.

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