Birthday ! + a Small Update Notice

Sorry for this non informative post but this iteration of FARC has 2 years from today !

Time pass so fast...

NB: i just forgot, there's also a small update notice: i nearly completed the Socio-Political Matrix memes and policies at my work (during my breaks !), so i'll include all the 42 memes/policies for this 0.5 too.


  1. Congratulations!

    Been following the progress of FAR Colony from the very beginnings as I'm totally into those space exploration games, so keep up your work, I want to play a final version at some day in the not-too distant future ;)

  2. Thank you for your post... and to be interested by this (want to be) game :))
    This 0.5 taken more than attended, but when you don't work full time on it it'S not surprising.
    Anyway it's the biggest version among all the other and anyway i always hop to complete a playable alpha at the end of december, or jan-feb-march 2012...

    Thanks again for your support, and sorry for the delay :)