0.5: Completion of Energy Segment + Energy Equilibrium Rule

Well, after "some" delay and some additional thousands lines of code the energy segment of the production phase is COMPLETED, it include other things like the energy equilibrium rule (automatic enabling/disabling of infrastructures to maintain the energy balance) and infrastructure enabling/disabling rules. As usual some details will needs to be added but basically it's done.
So it's time to move to the next step, to finish to add the rest of infrastructures and products needed for this future (wannabe) playable alpha.
Just for fun, and because i know that lines count doesn't obligatory show the amount of work but depends more of the style of coding, here's some stats from today:
The 0.5 itself reaches now 7194 lines of codes (without count the XML ones). It's about 1.4 time the size of the 0.4.
FARC itself reaches 42607 lines. I think there will be about 1000 lines off after some code audit/optimization/clarification.
So that's all, stay tuned :)


  1. Impressive work! I keep my fingers crossed for your project from the first post :-)

  2. Since it's the third iteration, after 2 previous failure, it can't go wrong now. The only problem in fact is the free time and delays, but for that it's like any other opensource project hehe.

    Thanks for your kind support :)