0.5: Status Update: Completed Features List, Missing Code and SPM Items Completion

I decided simply to post what i've already done in this version, in dev/not already implemented features aren't present in the list below. Beware it's a copy/paste from the todolist so it's not supra clean:

    (x) add Economic & Industrial Output data + game saving/loading + data initialization and update.
    (x) colonies doesn't store anymore the infrastructures directly but use the settlements.
    (x) addition of the infrastructures Conversion/Assembling/Building queue.
    (x) addition of the colony's storage and reserve matrix.
    (x) hardcoded technicians and soldiers are added for testing purposes.
    (x) implementation of assigned population data.
    (x) implementation of the construction workforce data.
    (x) implementation of the production matrix with game saving/loading and initialization at colony's foundation w/ the 3 first data, the energy production, consumption and storage.
    (x) infrastructures has now a Consumed Power data for indicate the current power consumption.

Colony Data Panel:
    (x) during the display, restore the collapsed data panel if it's needed.
    (x) the colony's data are correctly updated, if it's the concerned colony that's displayed., after the CSM phase process.
    (x) if the surface panel is opened at the end of a colonization mission, and it focus the destination orbital object, and a colony is created, the colony data panel update itself and popup for display the changes.
    (x) panel position fixed for 1024*768 resolution.
    (x) construction workforce assignation interface.
    (x) CSM - Energy module data, energy consumption-consumption and storage, are now displayed.

Colony Data Panel / CSM Events List:
    (x) the keyboard behavior for the CSM events tree is complete.
Colony Data Panel / Infrastructures:
    (x) infrastructures are now displayed as settlements in a tree list.
    (x) available infrastructures to Convert/Assemble/Build are displayed as a tree list.
    (x) Interface for build new infrastructures + assembling configuration w/ infrastructure kits.

Colony Data Panel / Population List:
    (x) the keyboard behavior for the population trees is complete.
    (x) population display is corrected and improved.
    (x) implementation of Total Workforce Capability Points assignment interface.

    (x) the colonization phase informations are now only displayed and updated ONLY when the first colony is settled.

    (x) implementation of the CMS Module - Energy (data management + CSM phase).
    (x) add a new equipment item: the products.

Game Saving/Loading:
    (x) colonies' infrastructures status are now saved in plain text than an integer index.
    (x) multiples updates concerning the settlements/infrastructures/production.

    (x) completion of functions implementation.
    (x) completion of infrastructure status + add inTransition status.
    (x) infrastructures has now a level range to be in accordance w/ the last additions.
    (x) addition of a data for determine if an infrastructure can be used only at the surface.
    (x) addition of 3 data for infrastructure's size.
    (x) addition of the basics of the requirements classed in 5 categories:
            (x) Hydrosphere
            (x) Construction Materials
            (x) Region Soil
            (x) Resource Spot
            (x) Technoscience
    (x) addition of functions specific data.
    (x) completion of the Conversion mode.
    (x) addition of the Assembling process.
    (x) addition of the Building process.
    (x) addition of a data: base power for indicate the basic power consumption.
    (x) addition of the basics of the custom effects, with the implementation of these effects:
            (x) Energy Generation.
            (x) Energy Storage.
            (x) Head-Quarter - Basic.
            (x) Head-Quarter - Primary.
            (x) Head-Quarter - Secondary.
            (x) Products Storage.
    (x) addition of infrastructures:
            (x) Colonization Shelters.
            (x) Houses Pack.
            (x) Inflatable Greenhouse.
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactors.

Mission - Colonization:
    (x) the Colonization mission interface is now expanded w/ settlement setup, if the selected region has no settlement on it.
    (x) after that the Colonization mission is processed, if a settlement is created, and the surface panel focus on the destination orbital object, the the settlment icon is displayed.

    (x) creation of the production phase framework implemented in gameflow.

    (x) addition and initialization of an productsdb.xml.
    (x) addition and initialization of an product core unit.
    (x) addition of basic product data structure + data loading.
    (x) addition of product's functions.
    (x) addition of resources:
            (x) Argon (Ar)
            (x) Carbonaceous Ore
            (x) Hydrogen (H2)
            (x) Icy Ore
            (x) Live Animals
            (x) Metallic Ore
            (x) Methane (CH4)
            (x) Nitrogen (N2)
            (x) Oxygen (O2)
            (x) Rare Metals Ore
            (x) Rock
            (x) Solid Waste
            (x) Uranium Ore
            (x) Water
    (x) addition of energy products:
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (small)
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (medium)
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (large)
            (x) Nuclear Fission Reactor (xlarge)
    (x) addition of materials:
            (x) Carbon Composites (C)
            (x) Concrete
    (x) addition of equipments
            (x) Construction Exowalkers
            (x) Hand Tools
            (x) Hand + Power Tools
            (x) Hand + Advanced Tools
            (x) Inflatable Greenhouse

    (x) implementation of the research data unit.
    (x) addition of research sectors, research stages and research types.

    (x) addition of settlements initialization.

Surface Panel:
    (x) settlements are now displayed on the surface.
    (x) put the mouse cursor on a settlement icon, select the region.

Unified Management Interface:
    (x) levels jauges display are correctly adjusted to display the current level.

Now the rest: i've forgot the to upload code i've made at my work since friday and even the one i made today so it's not a slow down just a lack of commit. So for now i working on the completion of the XML file of the SPM items. The implementation of all the items is now done, i just need to finish to add the influence matrix data of each of them.

Big work for small results that's the way of strategy games design :)


  1. I have a few questions regarding FAR Colony:

    1)How do you plan on implementing research of new technologies?
    2)What is Argon going to be used for?
    3)How advanced is FAR Colony's handling of orbital maneuvers?

    If you could answer these questions that would be appreciated. I am still eagerly waiting for a new release of this game.

  2. 1) well, the research & development system (or RDS) is based on a Civilization type tech tree, excepted there are 8 of them: Aerospace Engineering, Astro-Engineering, Biogenetics, Ecosciences, Industrial Technologies, Medicine, Nanotechnology and Physics.
    Talking implementation there will be 2 subsystems: the first one will manage the tech trees themselves and the second one will manage the research & development (for calculate the progression for example). Basically the tech trees will be static, but i'll TRY to also implement a dynamic tech tree management. The player will choose which one he/she wants at the start of a game. Most of the RDS is already made on paper and design doc. But of course it worth nothing until it's dev.
    2) Argon will be used as reaction mass for some kind of space drive (especially the ion propulsion), this gas is also used for many industrial processes in reality, since it's a inert gas, so i'll see it's use in game.
    3) The interplanetary transit mission use a mix of rocket formulas (especially for acceleration-deceleration and reaction mass consumption) associated with transfer orbit formulas.
    I don't use Hohmann's ones since the space drive technologies used in game for deep space travel are beyond chemical drives and so a Hohmann orbit isn't necessary.
    The handling is simplified, since this game is not Orbiter, but accurate enough to be realistic.
    If you want it i'll make a post to show how it's handled in detail.
    The system need some bug fixes for planet-satellite transfer but it works. I'll fix that in a future version.

    I hope it answer to your questions, if not, be free to ask new ones :)

  3. That does answer my questions, thank you very much.