0.5 Status update

I continue to designing and including the rest of products and infrastructures to put in this alpha.
Some products like Aluminium and Nuclear Pellets are added, i also need to add 4 infrastructures: Multipurpose Depot, Inflatable Habitat, Mining Pit and Pressurized Tanks Array.

I work also to complete some products already added and to finalize the technology requirements.
At the start, technology requirements were in the products data structure, but they will be removed and put in the infrastructure's technologies requirement list.
I'll talk more in detail about the infrastructure's production modes in a next post, it's part of the core of the production segment, the next step of the 0.5 dev after this one.
FYI when i'll begin the dev of the production segment, the 0.5 will be, at last, nearly complete.

Considering my "opensource problem" i'll see how works Google code, and if it's ok i'll create a SVN trunk on it.

That's all for today.

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