0.5.1: Socio-Political Matrix Items (Memes/Policies) Completed

Yup the main dev (0.5) is longer than expected because there's many things to implement... but.. at my work, during my breaks, i completed one 0.5.1 feature: all the SPM memes/policies of the game... well at least the complete influence matrix between them and all the modifiers. I began to mass update the XML file which contains all the memes/policies today and it's nearly to be completed too. Of course that concern "only" the modifiers and not the requirements and custom effects yet, but my next courses session isn't started yet (it will be in 2/3 weeks) so i have time again to update that and with some luck to remove one major update of the 0.5.1, it's better than nothing.

So the updated XML will be finally integrated in the 0.5 and the SPM basic and core part will be feature complete (who said "AT LAST" ???).

For the 0.5 itself i completing the energy equilibrium rule and so after that i'll push to complete the energy segment of the production phase.

I had a hard drive update the two previous day so not much update involved.

Sometime i question myself to know if all that is worth it or even interesting for someone else, but when i see the stats and even some rare comments here, it's worth it, even if it's for 30 people on earth :)

I cannot guarantee that it will be full of fun but... well... i keep it on.

That's all for now.


  1. Watch those numbers explode well beyond 30 once you have a release with more, erm, gameplay.

    In the meanwhile, waiting in anticipation for the next release.

  2. hehe yes, it's why it was perhaps a mistake to release the early alpha versions... anyway i have nothing to lost.

    Thanks for your comment.