0.5: Staff / Transition Rule Complete

I'm sorry for the lack of news/SVN update but i had some "real life" things to do.
Anyway the Staff management and transition rule is now fully implemented.
Next step is the production phase AND SO the real next post will describe how it works (i know that's the 3rd posts where i say this).
Friday i'll have a day off and will do nothing else than dev, w/ some luck i'll complete the production phase here, and so the last big step of the 0.5.

It's always amazing to see how easy a rule can be on paper or electronic game design documents, and how it's a pain to dev.

Stay tuned, and i know how patient you can be :)

0.5: The Completion Coming (At Last)

First, sorry for the lack of news/update but the overtime is re-opened at my work and well... money is priority.
But.. most of products and infrastructures are now added.
So after that i must do the last part of this 0.5: the staff management and production delay rules, and the production segment of the production phase.

They will not be any 0.5 release, excepted if requested, but i'll make a video more complete than this one including all the 0.5 features . It will be better to make a release when the 0.6 alpha will be done, since this one is considered as first barely playable one.

In the next post i'll explain how works the items production in FARC and what it concerns.
Lack of free time is really a pain... and there's people boring of their free weekend, if it's your case, please send me them :)