0.5: The Completion Coming (At Last)

First, sorry for the lack of news/update but the overtime is re-opened at my work and well... money is priority.
But.. most of products and infrastructures are now added.
So after that i must do the last part of this 0.5: the staff management and production delay rules, and the production segment of the production phase.

They will not be any 0.5 release, excepted if requested, but i'll make a video more complete than this one including all the 0.5 features . It will be better to make a release when the 0.6 alpha will be done, since this one is considered as first barely playable one.

In the next post i'll explain how works the items production in FARC and what it concerns.
Lack of free time is really a pain... and there's people boring of their free weekend, if it's your case, please send me them :)


  1. Well, firstly I am sorry to hear about what happened with Sourceforge, and am glad to see that you were able to continue work on FAR Colony. Just curious though - when do you expect the next release to be if you are releasing the 0.6 alpha (Also, I would send you my free weekends if I knew how :))

  2. Thank you, ya.. SF and me we have divorced.

    I alway hope to release the 0.6 in december or the first trimester of 2012. It's fairly hard to keep a schedule when you don't work on it full time.
    At least i have a day off on september 09, so i'll try to pass the day to work on it.

    Lol, thanks for you free weekends ;p

  3. Really nice video, looking forward to 0.6 and really hoping that you manage to pull it off.