Fractal Terrains & 0.5: Resource Spots Data

Well first, i just upgraded my copy to the new Fractal Terrains version. This software is a key tool for creating orbital object's custom maps for FARC, and i'll create some for the current planetary system actually in the game for testing before to begin to generate final maps along final planetary systems data, regarding that the current one is only a crude system for testing purpose.

If you're interested of what this software can do you can take a look here for the full features list: and here for the features of it's free addon.
I made a fast & dirty test map here:

It is even possible to add clouds cover and craters, and support multicores !

Now the 0.5... The resource spot data are now implemented for all regions and there's 2 data: Quality and Rarity.

Quality indicate the quality, or resource purity, that can be found in the region. It's indicated by a letter, like a school score. The table below describe these letters:

Quality Level

Rarity indicate the rarity level of a kind of resource in a region, more it's rare, more it will be difficult to find a usable spot.

This data is indicated by a named level, each of these levels is in the following list: Rich, Abundant, Common, Present, Uncommon, Rare and Not Present.
These two data will be used during region's resource survey.

There's also 2 calculated data by resource spot discovered: 
- Mean Quality Coefficient: which is used directly for resource extraction by some production modes. It represent the part of the resource itself that can be extracted out of the waste.
- Spot Size: indicate the usable size, in infrastructure levels. It caps the sum of infrastructures which can be built to use the spot.

All this is implemented and uploaded w/ the last SVN commits of today.

Please take a note that two thing:
1/ for now, resource survey isn't implemented and will be not until the end of the so called playable alpha (0.6). I just implemented hardcoded data which is sufficient for this alpha.
2/ for now, resources depletion aren't taken in consideration, maybe it will in far future (2013, 2015, 2025 ?? ok joking..).

That's all for now, tomorrow i'll begin FINALLY the production segment and yeah... FINALLY go toward the end of these nearly 9 months of dev for this 0.5 (the time for a human baby to be "assembled").

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