0.5: (finally) Last Row

Sorry for the lack of update but I needed to cope with a hard drive failure.
Anyway I attack the last row of work for this 0.5, I know that since September updates were scarce but I had some (good) change in my job life.
But it's ok now and I hope finally to complete this 0.5 before the end of November...
So for now I implement the calculations for the first production mode, Resource Extraction. I also must update some code concerning the rule for assign an infrastructure to a resource spot, complete the colony's production matrix management code and FINALLY complete the production segment itself.
And that will be all for this 0.5


  1. thanks for your job if you need tester speak me for your need ok? i help you in all i can

  2. Sorry for the delay, i updated my main rig.

    Thank you for your support, progress is slow but alive. Your help will be useful when the 0.6 will be released :)

  3. ok thanks, do not worry etu perfect computer is your tool work without good tools are no good repairs / creations and of course will do so well in the future the pace of work is better so it's completely understandable delay,

    because nothing I look forward imaciente 0.5 you finish the greeting