Happy XMass and New Year 2012

Yup, a rare out of context post to wish you happy xmas and a good (yet future) year 2012.
Keep the peace, wherever you are and take care.

For me it will be the year of the playable alpha and of further developments after that, among other things.

0.5 Status: COMPLETE

It's 23:55 and the production segment is finally completed, so that’s mean that the 0.5 is also completed.
Here are some fun facts of about this version:

Duration: 11 months

Lines (added by the 0.5 only and without count the XML files): 9,550 (86% more lines than for the 0.4)

So... what’s up?

First, I’ll begin the 0.5.1 in which the job will consist in code audit and interface updates for the production (like the display of the colony’s storage), no additional gameplay addition in this one.
And after this one, I’ll begin the 0.6 with the completion of the colonization phase system, and that will be the start of the so called playable alpha.

I’ll don’t do any release before the 0.6, if I have request I’ll release a snapshot of the 0.5.1 but anyway for the 0.5.1 I’ll make and upload a new YouTube video to show all what is possible and allow the waiting until the 0.6.

I’m happy that’s finally finished...

0.5 Finally the Last big step

The rules about the enabling/disabling of the production modes of an infrastructure are now implemented and Resource Extraction is completed too.
So now I need to test if the code does its work and after that I’ll implement the production segment.
Finally the 0.5 arrives to its end.

0.5 (will be) Completed by the End of December

Yup it's pretty sure, the 0.5 will be completed before the end of December, and resource spot data update w/ assignment of infrastructure is completed.
Now I am completing the implementation of the production mode “Resource Extraction” calculations.
So by the way I should not be too late to release a 0.6 so playable Alpha in first quarter of 2012, as I planned it. After 2 years and 4 months it’s the time... There will be a lot of work to do yet after that but at least it will be usable.
Time, precious time...