0.5 Report Part I - Infrastructures

Ok here's it's time to talk about what have been added in 0.5.

An infrastructure represent any building and structure (like a landing pad) in the game. Since FARC isn't different from any other strategy, infrastructures represent the backbone material of a colony. they allow the player to house people, extract resources, build differents products and apply research & development.
Each of them has one basic function among 5 possibles:
  • Energy: regroup any infrastructure that produce energy
  • Housing: like the name indicating, this function focus on housing a colony's population
  • Production: this one focus on resource extraction and products refining and manufacturing, depending which production modes are set in an infrastructure
  • Intelligence: regroup any infrastructure that allow to process research & development, meme engineering and even meme warfare.
  • Miscellaneous: the last but not least, regroup all infrastructures that cannot be classified in any of the others functions. They're defined by the custom effects set in them.
These basic function provide additional data, like the power output for the Energy function.
Additionally with these functions there're the custom effects and production modes.

Custom Effects allow to add special effect to an infrastructure, not initially provided by its function. One basic example is the HQ (headquarter) effect which add the capability to an infrastructure to represent the location of the head of the local state.

Production Modes are sort of custom effects,excepted that they can only be affected to Production infrastructures. In clear, a production mode is related to on particular industrial process used to generate any product in the game.
As example Resource Mining is already implemented, and it's the first one. Here's a part of the game design document describing it:

====================================================================== Mining

Concern the exploitation of any ore type.

Infrastructure's Data:

xxx [ XXX ] xxx

Input / Output Table Products Part Calculations (in m3 / hr)
IN Resource Spot: Icy Ore Field
Ore Field
Resource Mining Production(RMP)=
average(  power(infrastructure surface , 0.333)
   , power(infrastructure volume , 0.111) ) 
   * Mean Quality coefficient * (occupancy/100)
OUT For Icy Ore Field: Icy Ore
For Ore Field:
Carbonaceous Ore
Metallic Ore
Rare Metals Ore
Uranium Ore
Full RMP is used


RMP * % of Carbonaceous Ore in the resource spot
RMP * % of Metallic Ore in the resource spot
RMP * % of Rare Metals Ore in the resource spot
RMP * % of Uranium Ore in the resource spot


The output is calculated conforming to the part calculations in the table above, considering the products, 1unit= 1m3 for all products generated so there's no conversion to do.
Energy consumption is calculated when the production matrix is updated w/ this production mode and calculated as follow:

energy consumption = [ ( SQRT(colonist)*5 ) + ( SQRT(technician)*30 ) ] * ( 1 - (( 1-orbital object gravity )*0.5) )

Required Technosciences (only for design purpose, integrated into infrastructure's technologies requirement list):

- Basic Mining & Refining

There's also other ones, in the doc only at this moment, like Farming, Carbonaceous Ore Refining or Antiprotons Production.

When a Production infrastructure is enabled, all its production data are calculated and the results are transfered to the corresponding colony's production matrix.

Beside these production modes there's also the Energy Modes that are used for Energy infrastructures and working in the same way as the production modes. Obviously they are used to produce energy.
The ones already implemented are Nuclear Fission and Photon Energy.

Here we go for this first part, the second one will concern the production phase

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