0.5/0.5.1 Video - part 1

And here's the first part of the video :)
detail from the Youtube page
"This serie of two videos is to show part of game system developed in the 0.5 and 0.5.1.
The first part also show a bit of the basic interface which have already been developped prior to the 0.5 version.
0.5 part concern many changes in the Colony Data Panel, the addition of the infrastructures including their assembling/building process, the colony's storage and production matrix and finally the production process itself.
0.5.2, which will be the first "official" soooo playable alpha, will be released in april/may 2012.

Please, excuse me about the annotations, some of them show briefly, i suck a bit at making video, so don't hesitate to pause the video. It will not concern the annotations about the colony data panel, they're fine.
The second part will be uploaded this weekend (jan 28/29 - 2012)"


  1. I would like to help translate the game into Spanish, if you can spend the text in menus and message to be translated

  2. @nenexulo22: cool, you can do it freely, the only prerequisite is to know a bit about XML.
    You can go here: http://code.google.com/p/farcolony/source/browse/trunk/Delphi-Windows/_XMLD/text/ui.xml

    and download the ui.xml file. This file concern the texts of the user's interface.

    You just to have to add a line after each FR-/FR tags with a SP-/SP tag and enter the translated text between the XML tags. Warning: some of these texts have XML formatting, please include them w/ the translation.

    The ui.xml has 3204 lines for now, so good luck :)

  3. when it's complete you can send it to farcodev@users.sourceforge.net

  4. ok thanks I'll do in my spare time doing because I'm doing some electronic projects

  5. So true?

    Astronomical Unit(s) [AU]
    Unité(s) Astronomique(s) [UA]
    Unidad/es Astronomica/s [UA]

  6. I'm not sure if Spanish is AU or UA or must otherwise please Make it clear

  7. sorry is UA i understood xD

    is possible talk you for imail?

  8. check the line 930 in archive ui.xml, There is a typo in the allocation of keys:

    <br><b><u>Vue 3D - Temps</u></b>

  9. i have translated 50% archive ui.xml

  10. i have translated 100% of archive i send you now please contact me when you receive