0.5.2 Snapshot available for download

I uploaded a snapshot yesterday night, it contains all the 0.5/0.5.1 updates and also the last additions in the development of the 0.5.2 (Spanish language and many user's interface refinement).
Take a note that's not an "official" release, and so has not an installer, just unpack in a directory of your choice (you must to create one). There's many things to dev to reach a playable 0.5.2 but at least you can take a look.
Also panels locations aren't very optimized for all resolutions, it should be ok for res >=1024*768.
And also since it's a manual installation you'll need to install the fonts too, in your OS' font directory, the package is included in the archive.
I'll make the part 2 of the video tonight and, if finished, i'll upload it on Youtube before SOPA and ACTA shut all of us down (sarcasm included). Since my beloved country seems to want to apply the bill C-11 (a SOPA like shit) all is possible.

That's all :)

NB: i forgot to put the download link: http://code.google.com/p/farcolony/downloads/detail?name=FARColony-


  1. thanks i test the snapshot and I'll tell you if the translation is correct

  2. As imagined there are some problems with the translation into Spanish, I'll go correcting any problems found and now when you finish sending the file again.

    But in the main window I have a problem that is not translation, but since the problem size is missing in the window to place the text, you could make the new settings window starting 3 letters larger (wide)?

    On the other hand I think it would be much clearer if instead of putting the text "Esc: exit Enter: proceed" in the title of the window put it in the bottom of the window, ie the last line, otherwise is unclear too close together and putting the title of the window and the text all together.

    I've seen some things that are not translated if I translated it into ui.xml File not know if it's a failure of the code or is that you have not already implemented, for example: In the settlement policy section or in section matrix sociopolitical in those 2 tabs all options are in English even though I translated them into the file ui.xml tell me if the code is a failure or is not yet fully implemented or that the translation is the problem.

    I hope your answer

  3. I have fixed the problem with English texts was the main menu that had not been implemented in the categories eciclopedya.xml
    I have already added and I am finishing enciclopedya.xml translate the file to have the translation in full, upon termination of the 2 files you sent. That if the issue of size of the window if you have to solve as it is not where you enter the window size, thanks

  4. The UMI is far to be completed and so yes there's non localized tabs.
    Don't push too far the translation because there will be a lot of other additions and changes in the near and far future.
    And the UMI isn't my priority for the 0.5.2.

    For the New Game Setting panel i'll see with your additions.
    Thank you.

  5. i send you the ui.xml with error of location of text corrected,until you correct the size of tabs and main window