0.5.2: Spanish Language Added + Dev Status

FARC received its first external contribution under the form of the translation of the user's interface texts in Spanish, thanks to nenexulo22 who is now added in the credits of the game.
For my part, the update I made since the start of the 0.5.2 are purely interface based, some fix here, some code completion here and so on.
The encyclopaedia text formatting for the Socio-Political Matrix items is nearly finished too.
The next updates will concern interface updates again, all that concern the colonization phase (the main goal of the 0.5.2) is in design phase yet. I need to complete the design of the colonization objectives before to implement them.
I go to upload a snapshot of the 0.5.2, it's of  course not an "official" release, but will help nenexulo22 to refine the Spanish translation. I need also to adapt some hardcoding in the text for the Spanish language.
And don't worry I’ll upload the part 2 of the 0.5/0.5.1 video.
That's all for now.


  1. Thanks Notify me anything you need ok?

  2. Ok no problems, and thanks again for your work !!!
    Fast and clean :)