0.5.1 is Near to be Completed

Well, the 0.5.1 will be completed before this weekend. I lost some time because of a float precision bug, but it’s fixed now since I have extended the float declarations with more precision.
The colony’s storage and production matrix are now displayed, yet in a crude but usable form. The storage capacities are also displayed and all that is updated in real time if required.
Here’s a screenshot of the modified data panel, including the storage/production data display:
PS: don't mind the typos, especially for the storage capacities, it's harcoded non-localized (yet) text for fitting purpose (between english/french).

So what’s next? Well the first thing I have to do is to refine some user’s interface elements of the colony data panel (especially with the shortcut keys) and it will be complete for this 0.5.1...
Next I’ll do a video and “perhaps” will upload a snapshot, even if frankly I don’t like that before the 0.6.
Talking about the 0.6, I’ll begin the dev of the final step of this soplayableMaybeboringAlpha after the uploads of the 0.5.1.
With some luck I’ll be on time to release the 0.6 before May... many people believe in miracles so why not.
For the final word, I appreciate the support of some of you on this blog, it worth it more than anything else, thumbs up!

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