0.5.2 Status

Two CPS objectives, Energy Efficient and Low Credit Line Use, are implemented, with calculations fully tested.

Many, many, MANY interface bug fixes and update were been applied too.

I'm working also to complete the descriptive texts, for the memes and policies, in the encyclopaedia. Not critical for this so playable Alpha, but better than nothing.

Also, the production mode Resource Mining have its calculations adjusted, with some bug fixes too.

A major bug, in the loading of the database of the infrastructures has been also fixed.

And finally the data of the infrastructure Mining Site were been heavily modified.

So, in fact, the snapshot of the 0.5.2 available for download here  is already outdated because of these changes. You can always take a look with it but please be advised that a display bug screw up the panels' location with a resolution < 1920x1080 or 1280x1024. It's fixed in the current dev version now (not uploaded).

Stay tuned, and thanks again to all of you interested in this simulation.

0.5 Report Part II - Production

I completely forgot to make a second part of the 0.5 report.
The production phase, is a system which is triggered each hour of game time and has 5 segments: CSM Energy, Items Production, CSM reserves process, Space Units Manufacturing and the process of the Conversion/Assembling/Building (or CAB) queue.
For now only the CSM Energy, Items Production and CAB queue processing are implemented.

The first segment update the result of energy balance for each colony in the game, and if this balance isn't equilibred, a special rule called Energy Equilibrium Rule (EQR) is triggered to restore this balance. In clear, at the end of the phase the energy production of a colony must be >= to the energy consumption.
If it's not the case the Energy Equilibrium Rule will force that by disabling some operational infrastructures in the colony by using a priority list:
For Restricted and Space Environment it's this Misc/Intelligence infrastructures that are disabled in first, followed by Production infrastructures and in last resort the Housing infrastructures.
For Free Environment it's a bit different: Misc/Intelligence infrastructures that are disabled in first, followed by Housing infrastructures and in last resort the Production infrastructures.
The difference is that in restricted or space environments,energy is life so the housing are in the bottom of the list.
If there's more energy generated than consumed, the EQR look if there's any infrastructures, the EQR have disabled, that can be enabled again. Infrastructures disabled by the player or event doesn't count in it.

The second segment concern the extraction, refining or manufacturing of products. For that it process the production matrix of each colony. A production matrix is basically a list of product the colony produce and/or use. For example a colony can produce 1m3 of Aluminium / hour and use 1m3 of rock by hour. This system is used to avoid to process too much calculations in real time. The calculations for the production are only processed when needed, like when a production mode is enabled or disabled.

The last segment process the infrastructures conversion, assembling and building. It also process the requiried transition phase for infrastructures used for production.

I don't talk about the other segments since they aren't implemented yet.

That's all for this second part, it's not very detailed but at least can give you an idea.

Some Rant about the origin of FARC + 0.5.2 Status

Do you want a good laugh ? I found in my archive the first try of FAR Colony.

The story of FARC extend as far as ...2002, before the two previous failed iterations and even before I begin to dev the universe generator...
This first try, and it's really a "try" because it never gone as far as some user's interface elements on a window, was in 2D. This thing wasn't even localized, in french only, nor had a proper license and the window itself wasn't even resizable. In fact it was my first serious try with the Object Pascal language.
The dev itself didn't lasted long (maybe one or two month), one year later in mid-2003 i began the universe generator.

Here's the link of the video: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/194/q8y.mp4/

It's sometimes good to know where you come from :)
Considering the 0.5.2, what are the news? Well, I working primarily on the interface yet, many things are to be completed some others are to be fixed.
 I must to complete the design of the colonization objectives, and also to complete the end of colonization phase with the transition to the second part of the game, the sandbox one.
Some other infrastructures will be also added because for now it’s pretty minimalist.
I don’t think it will take 2/3 month to do that, as I said in a previous post the CPS is already developed; it only needs to be expanded. But it will give me some time to refine this first playable alpha.
That’s all for now.

0.5/0.5.1 Video - part 2

And here's the second and final part of the video, with the production system and Policies Enforcement: