0.5.2 Status

Two CPS objectives, Energy Efficient and Low Credit Line Use, are implemented, with calculations fully tested.

Many, many, MANY interface bug fixes and update were been applied too.

I'm working also to complete the descriptive texts, for the memes and policies, in the encyclopaedia. Not critical for this so playable Alpha, but better than nothing.

Also, the production mode Resource Mining have its calculations adjusted, with some bug fixes too.

A major bug, in the loading of the database of the infrastructures has been also fixed.

And finally the data of the infrastructure Mining Site were been heavily modified.

So, in fact, the snapshot of the 0.5.2 available for download here  is already outdated because of these changes. You can always take a look with it but please be advised that a display bug screw up the panels' location with a resolution < 1920x1080 or 1280x1024. It's fixed in the current dev version now (not uploaded).

Stay tuned, and thanks again to all of you interested in this simulation.

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