0.5.2 Development Update

No, FARC isn't dead (the last commit is from Feb26) but I didn't much dev the last week for personal reasons.

But I made some game design updates, like an additional infrastructure "Pressurized Tanks Array" and also new Colonization Phase objectives. As usual these things eat up much of my free time...

I had some comments on a forum concerning the videos and receveid a few but useful hints to improve certain parts of the user's interface (especially for the policies enforcement).
I also seen myself many rooms of improvement concerning the interface too.
Why our todolist grow always faster than the economy ? Haha.

Anyway I don't think that I'm late on schedule, and talking about it, I'm on vacation tomorrow only, so I'll take it to push the dev of FARC.

That's all for now.


  1. nope, not before April/May.
    I'll do perhaps some posts until the 0.5.2 deadline, but no more than that.