0.5.2 Status Update

FARC was postponed during a week to play a modded Skyrim. Now that I’m stuffed with this game, I’m back to work.
I’ll do a detailed report later but the last updates were focused on the bug fixes of the Colonization Phase System (CPS) and the user’s interface.


  1. Making break is not a bad thing :-)

  2. sometimes a pause renewed forces for work ;)

  3. Sorry for the delay :)

    @AdiJager: sometime it's not an option, especially when it last many years.

    nenexulo22: exactly that :))

  4. Oh and I know that's long before to see sommething more elaborate but I chose the not so easy path.
    Anyway for now, the deadline at the end of April or May is ok yet so it's not so bad :)