0.5.2: (little screenie) Reserves and New Encyclopaedia Links

The basic management of colony's reserves is done, I need to update the production phase to update the population's consumption and add the CSM events ( reserves shortage) and this part will be complete.

I also decided to put the links to the encyclopaedia in a little '?', it's more discreet and cleaner than to put a complete entry as a link. Here's a little screenshot to show the reserves and these '?':

For reminder 1 point of reserve sustain one person for 24 hours (see the post of April 1st for more details).

So the next update will concern these links, I'll update this new method for all the other parts of the interface, after that, as I said at the begin of this post, I'll update the production phase for a complete reserve management and add the CSM events.

That's all for now.