0.5.2: Screenies post

Just a small post to show you 2 screenshots.

The first one concerns some change in the CPS objectives panel. Now, when an objective has some conditions to fulfill to complete the objective it will be displayed.

As you can see it's far to be perfect but it's better than nothing :)

The second concerns a screenshot of one of my working screen about the design of the Colony Simulation Model and particularly the events. I completing many holes in the CSM modules and events before to add the events concerning the reserves shortage and implement them after.

Please don't mind the typo and bad grammar; it's only an internal game design doc :)

So that's all for now, stay tuned.


  1. if you have more texts to be translated please send me the file not to accumulate many pages of translations (if you want to continue translating into Spanish)

  2. Thank you nenexulo22 !
    After 0.5.2 is released I'll ask you to translate some parts of the encyclopedia, there's some update concerning it.