0.5.2: Status Update

After many interface modifications, I currently working on the colony’s reserves and it take some time because I need to complete the design of it before to update the code.

Even if the reserves doesn’t constitute the major feature of the 0.5.2, the completion of the CPS is, it’s a key feature of the game system and one of the challenge for the player (and for the future AI).
Reserves concern the basic needs of a colony’s population and there are 3 in total: Oxygen, Food and Water.

The convention used for these data is that 1 point of Oxygen, Food or Water support 1 person by 24 hours or standard days (relative to Earth). So for example if you have a colony with 200 persons and 1200 points in Oxygen Reserve means that this one can support the population, without any replenishment, for 6 standard days (1200/200).

Reserves’ data are updated in real-time when the volume of the respective product, stored in the colony’s storage, is changed. That also means that the reserve is replenished with any production infrastructures which have the ability to produce oxygen.

Of course if there’s a shortage in one of the reserve, a CSM event is triggered with a variable negative impact on the colony, until the problem is resolved.

Excepted for the Oxygen Reserve, Water and Food Reserves are used in any environment. The Oxygen Reserve is only used in Restricted or Space environments.

That’s all for now, stay tuned, the deadline coming (it's planned again for end of April of May at the max)  :)

( *CPS: Colonization Phase System - **CSM: colony Simulation Model )