0.5.2 Release Date

FARC 0.5.2 will be released on May 31 /2012.
I don’t know if the 0.5.2 will be fully completed for this date but at least I working for finish the main parts of it.
For now I am working again on the reserves management. I loosed time to clean the CSM events data structure, but now it’s completed, and I just finished adding a new event, Oxygen Production Overload. 

Since Food and Water Production Overload events are based on the same process, there will be implemented faster tomorrow. I need after that to add the events Oxygen/Food/Water Shortage events and finally I’ll complete the segment 3 of the production phase concerning the reserves consumption.

All of that for just adding some difficulties for the players :)

Stay tuned.


  1. Haha yup, at least for this version :)

    Thank you !