Alpha 1 [0.5.2] Dev Status

I finally finished the implementation of the CSM events: Oxygen Production Overload, Oxygen Shortage, Water Production Overload, Water Shortage, Food Production Overload, Food Shortage.

These events can be triggered, in case of the Production Overload, when the colony's production cannot sustain the entire population and, in the case of Shortage, when the colony's production cannot sustain the entire population and there's no more available reserve to compensate it.

These events put their influence on the tension, the health and the economic/industrial output of the colony and, depending on which events are triggered, the people can begin to die of asphyxia and starvation. It's a good and certain way to loose your colony :)

It taken time because of the design time required for these events, to make something coherent.

I also began finally to code the segment 3 of the production phase.

After that I'll need to complete the Colonization Phase System and, that with some additional details, will set the end of this alpha 1.


  1. very good work progress ;) thanks again

  2. No problem, it's just one small step among a lot of others to do :)

  3. Last I checked on development of this it looked like a screensaver rather than a game.. But it looked great and promising! Cant wait to try it again! Shame that the links are broken atm.. Best luck on development!

  4. I have to ask.. Is there any plans of having underground construction implemented in the future?
    It made outpost 1 amazingly unique in my opinion.
    Would simply love to see such a feature!

  5. @1st Anonymous:
    The screensaver expanded in functionalities with this Alpha 1! lol :)
    Yeah the current links are just placeholders for now, since I moved from Sourceforge.
    I'll update them on May 31 with the new release.
    Thank you for your support :)

    @2nd Anonymous:
    Yeah, underground settlements are already basically implemented but not fully functional yet, they will be in upcoming releases.
    There are 5 types of settlement: Surface, Space-based Surface, Subterranean, Lava Tube, and Asteroid (a special subterranean one).