Alpha 1 (not yet the release post) Status

The Alpha 1 is done a bit ahead of schedule (for the very first time), but since there's 2 days left, I go to implement some additional things like an infrastructure for the oxygen production. On May 31st I'll do the release and will upload it.
There's not a lot in this alpha 1, but it's the first officially "playable".
It include the Colony Simulation Model, the Socio-Political Matrix, the Production System including conversion/assembling/building of infrastructures, energy management, reserves consumption and extraction/refining/manufacturing of products.
The colonization phase system is also done from start to the end, even in a crude form.

It lack of return of information for the player, another colonization objectives, planetary survey (and especially the resources survey), complete settlements management (surface/subterranean and so on...), complete infrastructure configuration + the possibility to assemble/build groups of infrastructures and finally to complete the mission cancelling for the space units.

All that will be included in future updates and are a requirement before I continue the development further. A full code audit/optimization will be applied too in the next months.

Assets, assets and... tons of assets missing (did I said assets ?)


  1. Hi, can you elaborate a bit on the missing assets part?

  2. Mostly internal (to complete the factions, add new infrastructures, space units and products, complete the encyclopaedia), some 2d for message banners (there's none for now) and to add another spacecrafts 3d objects, even if the 3d is pretty secondary in this game it's required.
    Considering 3d objects I have already many of them usable for opensource and non-commercial projects.
    But anyway the alpha 3 will be an "assets only" update, it's time for me to fire again, after a long time, my 3d software :)