Alpha 1 Problems and Alpha 2 Dev Update

New release, new problems.
Among the messages on this blog, and  those on spacesimcentral and spacesector forums there's 3 problems:

- problem with the 3d (out of the wobble because for now I can't do anything and I don't consider that an annoying thing) considering the atmospheres and space units display, with certain of you. The current Alpha 2 has now the previous 3d framework and the atmospheres are back. For the space units 3d bug I don't know, I just hope that this other framework version will fix that.

- problem with the welcome message display, only one of you reported that bug. I'll check it, but since I don't have any problems too it will difficult to overcome.

- the last but not least and more problematic one: a range check error after a colonization mission.. For this one I don't know since it's OK on my computer and in a Win7/64 + a XP32 virtual machines...
Maybe it's one thing with the interface that I didn't prevented, I already noted a bug with the colony panel when a colonization mission is finished and on a particular situation I haven't tested before.
I actually overcoming this problem.
A range check error isn't a particular difficult bug to kill but if I cannot reproduce it myself it will be an another difficulty.

Anyway here's the super news... it's useless to say that I'm disapointed by my work and it will certainly, not cancel this project, but will delay it a bit more until further development, if there's any.

Regarding these problems, I'll release the Alpha 2, which will include many changes and fixes, earlier than planned, so in some weeks at max.

I hope that the full code audit I'll apply in the next weeks will kill some others too.

Sorry for this crappy release, it's a difficult birth.


  1. It's ok and don't beat yourself up over the amount of bugs and the like, it's an alpha that's the purpose is to find and eliminate the major (usually game breaking) bugs before moving on to the beta. Keep moving at a good pace and expect the unexpected.

    1. Thanks for your support Sigma :)

      Many problems were been fixed today, at least it's better than nothing.