Alpha 3 Dev Status

I'm near to finishing the full (cleaned up) design process of the infrastructures, what that mean?

1/ that the infrastructures' data are all based on the same process and automated calculations.

2/ that all the data of the infrastructures currently implemented were been adjusted

3/ that the design of additional infrastructures will be speed up

That's a necessary thing to do since the alpha 3/4 will have a certain number of new infrastructures added.

On the dev side I continue the code audit, for now it concern all the data structures of the game, the following step will concern the unit that contain the code for the XML database loading, which will be fully fixed for the regional decimal bug and also the game saving routines, that will receive also the fix.

This bug was in fact that if your decimal format was, instead of. , FARC didn't recognize the decimal separator and simply ignored it like: gravity="3.69" is read 369. This bug occurring a big calculation mess and range checks errors.

Someone on IndieDB reported me 2 1 problems:
1/ with the installer, his antivirus detected it as a Trojan... of course all is clean the installer is compiled with NSIS and there's no trojan or whatsoever. But for the next release, I’ll post on IndieDB also the 7zip archive, in case of someone doesn't want to use it. I don't know why I forgot to post it for the alpha 2.

2/ the second problem is more problematic since FARC, sometimes, doesn't launch or it launches but the window doesn't appear, and the exe is in the task manager. Without further information I cannot do much. I think that Stalker Stalker on this blog had the same problem and it worked after a reinstall of windows... It's not a pretty solution, but for now I don't know what I can do more. FARC on the virtual machines doesn't reproduce this behavior.

edit: forget the point #2, it's "just" a lag at launch, I'll try to optimize that.

edit: forget the point #1 too, it's just a false positive

As stipulated on the June 7th post, the 2 other bugs (freeze at March 1 and bad CPS display during a window resize/move) will be fixed too, the reason are completely my fault.

That's all for now, there will be no release before August, I'll just share a fixed patch to test the decimal format fix with non-us/can users.

Stay tuned, and sorry again for all these bugs.


  1. Patience patience young padawan, it's not for now :]