FARC Alpha 2 [0.5.2] is Released

Forget the alpha 1, here's the alpha 2 that fix most of the critical bugs and misses of the 1.

You can download the full installer here

 You can download a 7zip archive of the full installation here

 Or, if you have already the alpha 1, you can dowload the update (7zipped) here
 You have just to decompress it in your installation directory and overwrite all the files

 The alpha 3 will begin tonight with the full code audit, as planned.

Here's the changes in this alpha 2:

  • 3D:
    •  the OpenGL framework is reverted to the original 2009 package, it prevent a lack of texture for some planets and display again the atmospheres.
  • Colony Panel:
    • the panel is correctly updated when a colonization mission is completed, and the surface panel is displayed.
  • Help Panel / Ecyclopaedia:
    • Spanish hintlist is re-added to prevent a user's interface crash when the Spanish language is selected.
  • Installation:
    • the fonts directory was missing from the alpha 1.
  • Missions:
    • when the interface of the mission settings is opened, the colony panel is correctly closed if it's displayed.
  • Production System:
    • new production mode added: Water Recovery.
  • User's Interface - General:
    • the decimal separator is forced to prevent loading errors in the XML files for float data, and also fix calculations problems.
    • the calls to the debug windows, when FARC isn't in debug mode, weren't prevented and generated exceptions.
    • the fonts didn't adjust themselves, depending of the loacl windows settings, now the displays are all correct.
Thanks to those of you who reported me most of these errors :)

Stay tuned.


  1. Downloading and will comment tomorrow, in this part of the world are 2:00 a.m. :-)

  2. Thank you, and good night :)

  3. Hello, when the probe reaches the planet and colonize....Range check error. :-(


    1. Yes, like for Stankor, there's a problem if your decimal separator is ','.
      I tried to overcome it, but nothing seems to fix that problem, apart to change the setting yourself in your regional settings.

  4. i found these errors:

    the text overlaps the other text (look the circle red)

    the text "SPMI not set" i dont know that's the problem here

    this bug appear pressing the tabs: population-stock-infrastructures-

    this bug appear when change the language in the game

    this text appear when maximize the window game

    1. For your range check error, it's because your decimal separator is ','.
      I tried to overcome it, but nothing seems to fix that problem, apart to change the setting yourself in your regional settings.

      For the rest it's tied to the incomplete spanish language in the user's interface + in the code.

      The last thing is a known bug, that will be fixed for the alpha 3 in the next month (in August perhaps).

      Can you give me again your email ? I'll send you the files to translate in the next days.

  5. Replies
    1. No problem.
      I'll try an ultimate code I found on a forum, in the hope that it will work because it's annoying to ask to the user to change his/her settings.

  6. mi imail is nenexulo22@hotmail.com
    i completed the ui.xml and now working in the enciclopaedia.xml

  7. can one ,among you that have the problem with the decimal bug , download this http://oron.com/vewuksd2yiip and overwrite the executable in the installation directory

    requirement: test one time w/o admin access and one time w/ admin access

    You don't need to wait long, just setup a new game and set a colonization mission, and do a screenshot + send it to me

    It's the last effort to overcome this problem, if it don't do anything I'll don't try anything else, you'll have to set the . in your decimal preference in windows.
    To fight my own bug is a thing, to overcome a windows config problem is another thing...


    @nenexulo22: please wait with the encyclopaedia... I haven't finished the SPM memes/policies texts yet
    Don't translate the rest it's not finalized and will be heavily modified.

    It's ok for the ui.xml :)


    1. i test this update and not work :) i modify my decimal preference later for test if work, thanks for your work

  8. Don´t work, I test quick, I try later with more time, I have to go.

  9. http://fotos.subefotos.com/d995b59d07a4ff1532f63b0d95984096o.jpg

  10. I changed the decimal settings and works well.

    Do not waste your time with decimal places. Change the local settings is very easy.
    The game is free and as they say in my country. "Whoever wants something it costs something"

    1. Haha thanks ! :)

      "Whoever wants something it costs something" - so true, that should be applied for some people out there, but we live in the era "I want all, want it now and FREE !" until the bubble will explode...

      Thanks again for trying it, I'll put a note in the readme and the FAQ.

  11. Hello,
    I am here to report some bugs i have been having with FAR Colony, i do not know if they have already been reported/ are well known, but i thought i would post em anyway

    #1 It the game essentially freezes at 1/3/2250. the time goes to 0 hr 0mn and when i try to speed it up or slow it it says; "Cannot terminate externally created thread"

    #2 sometimes it crashes and gives this huge error code, "Access violation at address 00480034 in module 'farcolony.exe'. Read of address 00000048"

    #3 Not really a bug, more of a question; how does one finish the viability objectives? i get above 100% on all three but nothing happens? is it just not finished yet?

    I love the idea of this game and it seems like it will be ALOT of fun when it is finished! Keep up the great work!

    1. Good Afternoon,

      #1 Yes it's a known bug with the SPM, it will be fixed in the next release.

      #2 I see that Stalker Stalker have the same crash, I don't know what it is (I can't reproduce it) I hope that will be fixed after but it sounds like to have a problem with the video card/ openGL driver...

      #3 Viability objectives aren't completed yet, there wll be another ones in the upcoming releases. The second one is at 0 % at the start of the game, you need to build a mining site.

      Thanks for your support !

  12. #2 sometimes it crashes and gives this huge error code, "Access violation at address 00480034 in module 'farcolony.exe'. Read of address 00000048"

    I had the same problem, but I could not make a screenshot :-(

    1. Dunno, one day when I could buy an exception tracer I'll add an integrated bug report (a full detailed report) sender to FARC, but for now it's out of my league... and until that as long as I can't reproduce it, it will be a bit difficult to see what happen