FARC Alpha 3 [0.5.2] - Dev Status

The full code audit began some days ago, and a unit is already fully audited.
This audit applies on the code format and typos + refactoring, but also have for goal to clarify the process, reduce useless repetition and also suppress the possible logical / calculation errors.

Also the description texts for the 42 memes and policies are now fully completed and implemented. Nenexulo22 will translate them in Spanish. He also translated completely the ui.xml.

Considering the decimal separator bug, I have a solution but it needs to modify most of the 2,395 lines of the unit... This bug only affects the interaction with string, and especially the XML data loading. I don't think that's affect the calculations. So I'll apply the fix, but don't expect any release before some months.

There will be many modifications on the player side when I'll begin to audit units that concern the user's interface.

That’s all, stays tuned and thanks for all the bugs report of the Alpha 1 and 2.


  1. thank you for your work, and encourage you not expect it was going to be easy right? xD it is less and I encourage you to continue working well, I can not help you in more things. A greeting from Spain

    1. I join in thanking (is correct this expression?)
      Here we'll be waiting for a new version to download. Take your time, slowly but surely. :-)


  2. if you have completed work on the file enciclopaedia.xml send it to me to finish translate to spanish

  3. i have very bad english sorry :)

    1. Pues anda que el mio.....jajajaja Lo importante es la voluntad :-)

  4. Muchos gracias you two !

    @nenexulo22: You can take the encyclopaedia.xml on the svn, it's the last one. Only update the tags SPMi_xxxx, there's 42 of them and are the only things that are completely finished. Let the rest for now, thank you.
    If there's a sci-fi/special term you don't know how to translate it you can ask me.
    Thanks as usual for you collaboration.